Thursday, January 26, 2012

Praxis: Take-down AK coming. Now I LIKE this idea.

First Look: US Palm Takedown AK47.


Anonymous said...

Neat idea, but not worth anywhere near 2k to me.
An underfolder is just as compact at 1/4th the price. I like Krinks anyway so the odds of one of these ever ending up in my safe is slim to none.

Anonymous said...

Mike, Here's a link with another video about the take down AK 47.

Dakota said...

2 Grand for an AK??? Kidding right? although I see a use for this, I like the Keltec solution better. A carbine in 40 S&W that uses the same mags as my glock. Hi cap mags that work for either and a hell of a lot cheaper. Plenty of firepower for the BOB .... after all if you are bugging out you are in an urban environment and this is all you should need. If you need more you are screwed anyway.

Anonymous said...

I used to think they were kidding, right up to the point where I saw a beat up SKS going for $400.00.

Not in this or any other life time.

Florida Guy said...

Get a Kel Tec Sub 2000 folding carbine for less than 300 dollars. It will take your standard Glock mags.

Folded, it fits in a standard lap-top case.

SWIFT said...

2k for an AK? Nope! I can buy one hell of a lot of ammo for that, and have a pre-positioned (buried)AK. No need to worry about fitting it into a bug out bag.

Anonymous said...

2k? Not anywhere near in my budget - I have a similar solution to Dakota's: Beretta CX4 Storm Carbine and M92FS - plenty of mags available around the world as well as ready availability of 9mm. Got some other choices but those are nobody elses business ;-)

Millwright said...

Nifty idea, but, IMNSHO, priced far out of the market !

Not a "militaria" shooter myself, but I've given many an AK variant more than a casual look over if only because they presented opportunity to shoot CF cheaply ! Take that away and what've you got to sell ? >MW

frosty2 said...

When it comes time to break out the AK there won't be any reason to hide it.

Anonymous said...

Glad someone is willing to pay $2,000 for an AK. Just not me. No way can that price tag be justified.

AJ said...

$2K is pretty steep for an AK, but if it sells, I would imagine the cost will come down after the R&D costs are recouped. I mean, who the heck would pay $10K+ for an LCD TV now? It wasn't so long ago that they sold for that much.

Anonymous said...

US Palm make high quality stuff. You pay for quality.
No one thinks twice about 2K for an AR but the AK has the stigma of a "cheap" gun so you think thats too much to pay for one. I would hazard a guess this AK is very accurate and still tough as the design is known to be. I am not saying I would buy one as I would not spend 2K on a single gun but I dont poo poo a quality item because its more than I personally would shell out for it.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun "bling" gun to show off to your friends more than a militia weapon. Its untested and going to be hard to get parts for it.

Also unless you need something like that for an op, well if the fit hits the shan I don't think light infantry small arms will be as important as people think. Useful? Yes. A mainstay ? Maybe not.

While one prays this does not happen, its good to keep in mind that as soon as everything goes pear shaped the streets will try to be flooded with heavily armored goons and IFV's, both quite resistant to small arms fire.

Something with more punch will be needed.

Also from a tactical POV, the last think I'd want to do is fight a stand up battle. Thats a mugs game and just as with the massive troop surge, the battle win turn dirty almost immediately.

Past the opening salvo it won't be infantry skirmishes. I'd suggest the the 1st tactic op-for will use is terror.

Anyone with minor kids is do for an attack and trying hundreds of Randy Weavers and Waco's or just SWAT Team plus child protective services will be priority one for the bad guys. Not a desperation tactic, but priority one.

After that they'll start on engineering a famine. Remember collectivists being well collectivists also punish collectively. Its almost a tautology

This means the war will turn Argentine dirty and no one will be safe without well as our host says. Got Militia?

Again I hope I am wrong but given the ways the Op-For behaves I doubt it.

This suggests that while the initial strike will be small arms fire after that, if the deed isn't fully done folks would get more use from a suppressed pistol, a phone tap and a pizza box than a chancy folder.

Anonymous said...

Looks OK ,new idea anyway.The mags. are interesting,..the old 30rd. single stackers are some awkward bastards to carry.They could compact your basic load a lot.Dont trust polymer mags though,cuz it doesnt take much to snap the locking tabs off.