Saturday, July 25, 2009

Threeper Patch and Nyberg Flag Update

OK, first about the patches. Currently, they still have both Woodland and 3 Color Desert available. They are still $4.00 per patch postpaid. (That cost may go up on the next re-order, so get yours now.)

For ordering information, email

USPS money orders, certified or cashier's checks process immediately; orders with personal or company checks are held until cleared.

Now, as to the Nyberg Three Percent Flags, I was shown a production sample from the manufacturer this week and although the sewing quality was good, we were all very disappointed with the colors used. Both the red and blue were "washed out." They are going back to the manufacturer to get the colors straightened out, and then flag production will begin.

As with the patches, the flags will be available from Raven's Wood. I think they're looking at $20.00 per flag on the cost, again postpaid. That ain't bad.

Forward any questions to:

Raven's Wood Enteprises, LLC


Mattexian said...

Any plans on making the flag into a shoulder patch too?

RWE-III said...

Send all patch orders to:

Raven's Wood Enterprises, LLC.
PO Box 962
Birmingham, MI 48009

Patches are post paid, so however many patches are desired, multiply that by 4 and send that total.

Also, PLEASE specify which type of patch you'd like. 3 Color Desert or Woodland and how many of each.

For more information on Raven's Wood Enterprises, please check out our website:


parapacem said...

For anyone who might have missed my earlier comment - these patches are exceptional! I mean the quality, whipstitched borders, the colors - everything about them is first class, and having bought various patches from a number of sources over the years, I will guarantee that you would pay at LEAST one to two dollars *more* to buy patches of this quality anywhere else.
Plus - remember you are supporting a fellow III. That is a bonus.

rexxhead said...

The problem for any who live in places like Florida is that we rarely wear stuff that provides the opportunity to sport a sew-on patch.

What we could really use is a (white or light-colored) T-shirt or similar with the Threeper patch over the left breast.

RWE-III said...

While the T shirt idea is good, the problem is ROI...a good deal of money needs to be put up and several sizes need to be put into bench stock.

While we'd seriously consider it if there were an 'outcry', so far, we've had maybe two or three inquiries along this line.

So...for now, it's patches and flags (when they are produced to our specs).



Gardening at Night said...

Why is the threeper flag design named the 'Nyberg' Flag? Who or where was/is/shall be Nyberg?

Anonymous said...

This is a terrific movement.

Awsome work guys,

I found the three percenter patches here:

they had the three percent flags too. keep up the good work!