Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Misdemeanor Madness": Don't know what the grievance was, but the message delivery system looks sound.

The broken window at Austin Police Department headquarters.

My thanks to the several folks who passed this on to me.


Man throws brick through City Hall, police HQ windows

CBS 42 Reporter: Gregg Watson

Austin police say a man tossed a rock through the window of police headquarters after he hit Austin City Hall with a big rock minutes earlier.

The suspect is described as white, in his 30s and with a beard. Police say first a security guard on duty saw the man smash the glass and sprint down Cesar Chavez.

Then 14 minutes later police say the scruffy suspect was captured committing a crime on camera outside police headquarters. On video the suspect is seen shattering the glass and taking off.

The glass at City Hall has been replaced but some are upset city hall was targeted with this misdemeanor madness.

“It’s pretty upsetting. I would have to wonder why someone would do something like that," says Austin lawyer Nikelle Meade. "It’s a beautiful building. It’s a safety issue they could have really hurt somebody.”

“There's no evidence to show he was trying to commit a burglary. He didn’t stay. He didn’t try to pull the windows open or anything like that," says APD spokesman Scott Perry. "He walks up throws the rock turns around and runs off.”

He also created a problem for the cash-strapped city that now has to replace all the broken glass.

“It’s about $500 for the window here at city hall. We don’t know the cost estimate for the one that was broken at APD yet," says Austin building service officer Jill Maness. "It’s a bit of an inconvenience the glass has to ordered, it’s a double pane safety glass. We’ve made a temporary Plexiglas replacement.”

Police haven’t added any officers to their patrol but say they will patrol city owned buildings more often.


chris horton said...

And so it begins.


Vote For David said...

I immediately thought of the "Window War" too, when I heard of this on the local radio news.

I also noted that, if there was a message on the objects thrown through the windows, they are in no hurry to report what the message said.

Anonymous said...

A disgruntled voter?

B Woodman

CorbinKale said...

Oh, man. I chuckled for two minutes before I was able to comment. :)

Been in the wars, 'ave we? lol

Anonymous said...

Looks pretty obvious to me what this is about. ;)

Anonymous said...

I vote we help pay the legal fees for this modern American hero.

Anonymous said...

Rock On!

W W Woodward said...

The Window War?

Old NFO said...

Yep, Window Wars...

Anonymous said...

We may not know if anything was written on the rock. If the target were something like, say for example, an ACORN office, then maybe we'd hear more from whoever found it.

Anonymous said...

Well, whaddaya know? Wonder where he got the idea? I wonder too if (when) we'll see more of this?


Wai Ting said...

Here's what it looks like when the Govt does it

They'll make an English Joe Gordon out of him yet

Happy D said...

Given how well they pay attention or get the point, we may have to drive a truck with a load of bricks in.

Anonymous said...

Krystall Nacht against the government (not against Jews).

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

How to do this using a better delivery system;

Anonymous said...

As the narrator in opening of Season III(how appropriate) of Babylon Five says:
"And so it begins."