Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sipsey Street Itinerary: A Trip to the Land of the Heathen Buckeye (as my Michigan relatives call it).

Ohio buckeye (Aesculus glabra), also known as American buckeye, fetid buckeye, and stinking buck-eye, derives its unflattering common names from the disagreeable odor that emanates when the leaves are crushed. While the tree is an attractive ornamental, it has limited commercial use as sawtimber because of the soft, light wood. The bark and seeds contain a narcotic glucoside poisonous to man and livestock. In fact the only creatures who risk eating this otherwise useless nut are some squirrels with strong stomachs. So, apart from tree rats, the rest of the universe finds buckeyes to be useless, stinky and poisonous to the body and soul. But hey, they look nice.


I will be traveling to north central Ohio tomorrow to vist my mother and assorted old friends and attend a machine gun shoot. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to see my friend David Codrea again and confer, converse and otherwise hobnob with my fellow Second Amendment wizards. Postings on Sipsey Street may be somewhat thin in the mean time. Will be back in sweet home Alabama by Sunday night.


PS My youngest daughter, Alabama born and Southern tough, will be staying home along with her mother to guard the place. She can shoot the eyes out of a silhouette with a pistol at 25 meters and the testicles out of one with a rifle at 100 meters. I've also taught her how to kill a man in self defense with a ball point pen to the brain. Don't do anything stupid while she's on duty.
No trespassing.


ScottJ said...

Safe travels.

Anonymous said...

"useless, stinky and poisonous to the body and soul. " -

and the word itself came from the Plains Indian word, "Bu-KIYAH", meaning 'politician' Thus...

"useless, stinky and poisonous to the body and soul. "

Adoringly yours,
Teddy Chappaquiddick

Anonymous said...

Travel safe and wave to all of us here if you travel through Louisville, KY.


Happy D said...

Have fun and travel safe.

Anonymous said...

Spoken like a true wolverwiene... lol

ParaPacem said...

Nothing gets your attention like a purdy gal pointin' a Panzerfaust at yore head with a "Make my day" expression.
Actually - you know that if they have anything come up in your absence, they can reach me out here in Bessemer.

Anonymous said...

Safe travels.

Anonymous said...

PRO gun show saturday, Westland ... FYI..