Friday, July 3, 2009

The Long Persecution of Albert Kwok-Leung Kwan is Over (For Now).

My good friend David Codrea has the latest on the long persecution of Albert Kwok-Leung Kwan by the FBI here.

Government dismisses charge against gun owner

July 2, 10:43 AM

The government has thrown in the towel in its prosecution of Albert Kwok-Leung Kwan for possession of a short barreled rifle. A June 25 order dismisses the indictment against him "based on the government's motion."

Go, read the rest, and the court documents attached. Kwan's reputation, his fortune, his military career and his faith in the US system of justice have all been destroyed. At last report, the naturalized US citizen who was born in Hong Kong is working in China translating for US-based Christian mission organizations, preserving his little remaining assets by living for a quarter what it costs over here and reportedly sleeping easier in the PRC dictatorship than he does these days when he's in the states. He tells a friend that at least in China, you have to DO something to bring the coercive power of the state down on you. Here, you get it thanks to a hungry US prosecutor's fishing-expedition whim.



j said...

" a hungry US prosecutor's fishing-expedition whim."

You know - my memories of boating along the cottonmouth- heavy inlets of Louisiana, many years ago, point out some common knowledge among fishermen in certain areas... that is, sometimes when you're fishing in the wrong place, you may pull in something that you really didn't want in the boat with you.

And this may be even more pronounced in the future, owing to what I like to call "the Olofson Effect". You can figure that one out pretty easily.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Made the comment to my son - "If Obama gets to where I think he's going, I'd rather live in the PRC, where I'll be more free."