Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Must read from William Grigg: "Praetorian Presumptions"

My thanks to cntrline45 for forwarding me "Praetorian Presumptions," William Grigg's latest essay, found here. It is a must read.



Crustyrusty said...

Money quote here:

"Pasco and others of his ilk display a mindset that is innately, and definitively, anti-American. Not only do they assume that were living in a state akin to martial law -- that is, a condition in which civilians are required, on pain of death, to render immediate obedience to people in state-issued costumes; they also assume that authority flows downward from government officials upon the heads of less exalted personages in the private realm."

And, as a reminder to all those who like to refer to the general populace as "civilians", if you don't have a DD Form 2 of some sort, you ARE a civilian. Period.

(Sorry. Personal pet peeve there.)

Happy D said...

Salt Lake City's Deseret News is usually the lesser of two Marxists.
The only thing the papers are good for requires a bird or fish.