Sunday, July 5, 2009

"The militia is here." -- New Mexico Militiaman Bob Wright at the Lea County Tea Party, 4 July 2009.

Bob Wright, 1st Brigade, New Mexico Militia, and, I'm proud to say, my long-time friend.

"These are the words that were used at the christening of our nation. . ."

Go to these YouTube links, folks, to hear one of the best speeches I've heard in a long time about the militia and the tyranny we face in the 21st Century.

Part 0ne:

Part Two:

I would appreciate hearing your feedback on this one, and please forward it far and wide. For Bob's part, he wants to know how it "plays in Peoria." You can let him know by emailing him directly at:


PS: Sorry, but I still can't figure out how to imbed these video clips at Sipsey Street.


CorbinKale said...

That was an impressive speech. If I was in New Mexico, I would, definitely, join up!

Bob has the right idea about the Constitution. His description of the politician's behavior as treason was dead on. Violation of the Oath to the Constitution, by their own words, indicts them as domestic enemies.

Anonymous said...

I strongly agree with MUCH of what Bob Wright said. Sadly, Mr. Wright flushes the credibility of his cause and principles down the toilet when he speaks of his support and submission to "law enforcement".

I take a back seat to NO ONE on the issue and support of law and order and our being a nation of law.

The police have long ago stopped being public servants of the community and have militarized and armed themselves to serve as a TERRORIST arm of "government" to extract revenue, control our lives & property, and violently enforce submission to the all powerful neo-fascist "God State" through the employment of terrorist torture, property seizure, and the rape of our privacy, due process, and right not to be subject to cruel and unusual punishment not to mention rampant, pandemic, nationwide corruption.

I am NOT anti-police.....on the contrary, I am PRO Quality, Ethically honest, Constitutional, Accountable, Officers of CHARACTER, INTEGRITY, & MORALITY, and COMMUNITY ORIENTED Police.

The police take the SAME oath I took as a military officer, only I took my oath SERIOUSLY.

I agree that Bob Wright has the right idea about the Constitution. INDEED our politians and the police state they have created while "WE THE SHEEPLE" comfortably sat and EAGERLY DEMANDED this police state from our neo-fascist, statist politicians in exchange for safety and comfort have become domestic enemies who employ DOMESTIC TERRORIST sheep dogs to keep the sheep in line.

Like Bob Wright, I am fed up with being a "subject" and second class citizen in my OWN HOME of the now dead Republic of The United States of AmeriKa.

Our "government" and the terrorist thugs it employs to abuse and control us have become modern day RED COATS. If left unchecked they WILL strip us ALL of our arms, property, freedom, liberty, and even our belief and faith in our creator.

Dutchman6 said...

anon criticizes Bob Wright's "support and submission to 'law enforcement'".

You have misinterpreted. Bob Wright, I assure you, said nothing about "submission to law enforcement."

I have asked him to respond to your post, and I expect he will have a clarification for you that will take the paint off the walls. Enjoy it.

thet said...

Is there anything an old and disabled texan can do to help Bob?

Anonymous said...

Amazing, huh? This Patriot can speak fairly eloquently for 20 minutes without notes, and our Usurper Prez Obambi can't string 2 sentences together without his Telepromter-in-Chief.

Anonymous said...

Great speech! I'll be a SOCAL refugee pretty soon, heading to the Reno area (family up there). Hopefully they have something similar up there.
Various events in the military reduced my mil capability, but I do other stuff, and I can learn reloading.

Lurker said...

Excellent speech. Makes me wonder if there's anything like that in these parts.

Anonymous said...

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