Friday, July 17, 2009

Random Hannah moments from the machine gun shoot

Moisin-Nagant carbine.

Here's a few pics from the shoot taken by other folks there. My very sincere thanks to them. I still haven't procured the download cable for Hannah's camera. Oddly, there was another pic sent along with the Moisin-Nagants of her behind a .50 Caliber Ma Deuce and I can't get that one to download. More later.


M14 recoil was intially a problem.

Recoil bruised her shoulder for a few days.


Crustyrusty said...

Dang. No fireball pics?

Hey, a girl that can handle 7.62x54R is alright in my book :-)

pdxr13 said...

I have both an M-44 and an M91/30. They were so cheap, don't choose.

The M91/30 has a "nicer" recoil, and much less night fireball. A little extra weight/length and detachable bayonet make it a favorite of cheap SovSurp rifles.

Rubber shotgun recoil pads help if you can find the rare one that fits the small butt of a M-N.

Thanks for the great screen-saver pix of Hanna and Zoe with weapons. When they pop up on a laptop screen in a cafe, there are some raised eyebrows.


tom said...

Recoil pads and buttstrokes don't go together if you're buying one for survivalist purposes. "I want to gently bang you in the back of the head/neck with the part of my rifle with a soft rubber pad on it while you lay sprawled face first on the ground???"

Just sayin....Fighting rifles are made for fighting not people that worry about bruises and combat ain't the same as trap outings.

Anonymous said...

If you have a memory card reader, you can bypass finding a cable for the camera.

Just pull the memory card from the camera, toss it in the card reader & copy the pics in "My Computer".