Thursday, July 9, 2009

My visit to the Patton Museum

On the way up to Ohio, I have to stop every now and then to exercise my legs and keep the blood from pooling into thrombosis. At my daughter Hannah's suggestion, we made a slight detour and stopped off at the Patton Museum at Fort Knox. Very cool. Many new displays since I was last there, including THIS one:

Two French FT-18 World War One vintage light tanks (of the type used by the American Tank Corps in 1918) were discovered in 2003 in a Kabul Afghanistan junk yard by a US Army officer from Colorado. Arrangements were made to retrieve it and it is now on display at the museum. Hannah took a picture of me with a cardboard cutout of Georgie Patton in his Great War uniform in front of it. Pictures will be posted later, including some great displays on the 26 Cavalry Regiment, Philippine Scouts.

More reports tomorrow.



nova said...


Have you ever been to the Army Ordnance Museum in MD? It was very interesting. Supposedly London has the best armor exhibits in the world.

Anyways, your blog was recommended to me. I am writing an online novel about America after the economic crash. It is not a pretty nor happy place.

I am a vet. The problem is I was Navy. I would like to run some questions and writing by a Marine vet.

Why? Because the main characters are being led and taught by a Marine on how to survive. I just finished a section on hand signals for a small patrol. I was pretty much making it up as I went along.

The site:



Temnota said...

I visited the Army museum at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in MD last month, and it's terrific. They are moving to new and better facilities in VA soon and part of their outdoor armor collection was already gone. It might be worth waiting until the move is complete to visit.