Saturday, April 21, 2012

In Interviews, Author Doesn't Credit Reporters Who Broke Fast and Furious.

M Catharine Evans doesn't think Katie Pavlich gives enough credit to David and me over Gunwalker. I am in the middle of reading it and intend to critique the book next week. Pavlich is young and hungry so whatever flaws there are may be forgiven on that account if nothing else. I will say that M. Catharine's words made me choke up. The truth, though, is that Pavlich's book came along at the right time to help the issue from being forgotten so even if I got no mention in it I would still judge it an important contribution. I will confess, however, that I ground my teeth a bit when I heard Katie use the phrase "personnel is policy", without attribution, when referring to Dennis Burke during a FOX interview. She is young and I'm sure she will learn, especially when folks do the same thing to her. Experience is a powerful teacher -- and humbler -- for those smart enough to pay attention.
LATER: Well, heck, she must be doing something right, Katie's being denounced by Media Matters.


Anonymous said...

"[A] severely ill man in chronic pain, trying to recover from life-threatening surgery and its complications, including a massive infection, is doing more from his bed in ICU as he drifts in and out of sleep than most of the major "Authorized Journalist" networks and newspapers combined."

Mike does more good work before breakfast than any of those execrable media pundits do in their entire pampered careers with the mainstream media.

Kodos to you sir, and may God grant you the honor of witnessing your enemies' defeat. :^)


Anonymous said...

Katie Dixon, a 'confidential assistant' in the Office of Public Affairs at the Department of Justice, reportedly sent an email to Washington Free Beacon writer C.J. Ciaramella saying that she had been directed to send him a link to Media Matters for America, which holds weekly "strategy calls" with the White House, in response to an inquiry regarding the Operation Fast and Furious scandal.

Anonymous said...

Katie P. has acknowledged the work you have done; see her repsonse at the bottom of the link:

SWIFT said...

Katie Pavlich should have given credit where it is due. It's a matter of honor and credibility where I come from.

Speaking of honor, I would consider it a higher honor to be on Media Matters shit list, than the SPLC's. Although, I still hold being on the FBI's shit list as the highest honor of all. I have to believe I've shown those mass murderers the moral high ground that they'll never attain.

Badger said...

MM doesn't need at phone call at this point to go into lackey mode.

Prayers up for you. Here's to losing the excess "plumbing." Do watcha gotta do.

Anonymous said...

Just remember, it is better to be despised by the dispicable, then admired by the admirable.

Waiting Mike's review.

B Woodman

WarriorClass III said...

We know the truth, Mike.

And we'll never for get it. Thanks to you!


Mt Top Patriot said...

Mr. Mike,
Hope you are feeling much better. Can't imagine what your going through. Your wife must be a true sweetheart.

Get a load of this over at ACE of Spades:

"Spinning Fast and Furious: DOJ Refers Reporter To Media Matters

I guess the wholesale ownership of the MFM by the Obama administration isn't enough to protect them on Fast & Furious, what with that pesky Sharyl Attkisson from CBS nosing around in the story and all.

No, this scandal has such potential for damaging The Once that it can only be handled by another division of Soros, Inc.:"...

Mt Top Patriot said...

Check this reverse Gunwalker agitprop out Mike:

Toastrider said...

At this point I don't care who gets credit. Only that the problem is stopped and the guilty are punished.