Thursday, April 26, 2012

Commit perjury, become a law school dean.

Justice official leaving for law school post after criticism over 'Fast and Furious' claim


SWIFT said...

It is beyond shame to watch the University of Baltimore blatantly grovel to win this administrations approval. The fix was in for Ron Weich and the other candidates were NEVER serious contenders. The ripple effect of a wave of scum pouring outward from DC, is choking the whole country. Our once great Republic will soon be covered in a layer of filth as sticky as tar! Still think the ballot box will provide a cleaning pail and mop? Go join the herd, sheep!

Female III said...

"Commit perjury, become a law school dean." Why not? Precedence has already been set by a federal criminal hired to occupy our White House as a "President".

Anonymous said...

This is just proof positive that the Peter Principle is still alive and well.
How dare 'lawyers' lecture the rest of us regarding ethical behavior when it is blatantly obvious that the majority of them have no ethics. Too many of them have forgotten that their allegiance is supposed to be to the truth - NOT simply trying to prove their case, regardless of the facts.

rdf67 said...

Who will ever forget the smirch on Weich's face as Holder asked Rep Issa, "Have you no shame?" He is clearly a man with no integrity - and the school of law ignores it. Everyone ought to write the Dean to let them know what a shyster this guy is - after he resigns, of course.

Anonymous said...

LETTER TO THE EDITOR. "The One Percent - New Dean for Baltimore U School of Law

Shout-out to Ronald Weich, new dean for Baltimore U. Law School! Ron Welch will leave the Justice Department in July for the Ivory Towers. Now we know Baltimore Law is even lower than TSA. Ironically, U. of Baltimore's Pres. Bogomolny comments, "During this time of considerable transition in legal education and the legal profession, it is important to have leadership with integrity and vision. Ron Weich embodies those qualities. I look forward to working with him, and I know our students, faculty, staff and alumni will be energized by his arrival." President Bogomolny must have attended a seminar to learn how to catch falling excrement while sounding so erudite. Plus, Baltimore U. is definitely getting some serious Obamarama payola to provide a soft landing zone for Ronald's Golden Parachute. I bet that the B. U. Search Committee didn't talk to the family of murdered Border Patrol agent Brian Terry about their new law school dean. Who was Brian Terry? Brian, a decorated veteran and U.S. Border Patrol agent, was murdered by drug cartel members a year ago. Investigators discovered Terry's murderers were armed with guns purchased in US stores. This didn't surprise the BATF, the federale LEO's tasked with enforcing gun laws. When these guns were sold, concerned gun shop owners contacted the BATF because the buyers were suspicious. BATF knew the buyers were bad but instructed the stores to allow the sales. Thousands of US guns were sold, then taken across the border into drug cartel service with BATF approval. These facts are known because the gun shop owners' tape-recorded the BATF, documented the approvals, video-tapped the buyers and BATF agents have confessed. This official, wide-spread BATF gun-running program was called "Operation Fast and Furious" and it is being investigated right now by the Congressional Issa Committee.

Nixon lied but nobody died. Besides Agents Brian Terry, Jaime Zapata (ICE) and countless Mexican citizens we'll never know the body count from BATF guns. Baltimore U's new law school dean helped cover up BATF's crime of arming the murderers. I guess it's not perjury unless you're indicted and convicted. So, the fact that the new B U Law School Dean signed a letter submitted under oath to the Issa Committee stating that the BATF never allowed thousands of guns to be walked into cartel service is not that bad. We've learned that it depends on what your definition of "is" is, right?

Now you know how the REAL ONE Percent takes care of it's own. It's been about a year since Agent Brian Terry was murdered. Atty. General Eric Waco Holder won't even apologize to Agent Terry's widow and family but lying coverup Ron (the Weasel) Weich, who "embodies" "leadership with integrity and vision" gets to be Dean of Baltimore University Law School. Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be lawyers.

Here's a message to the protesters planning their May Day celebration for downtown Harrisonburg, "There IS a One Percent, and you can find him in the White House - not on Court Square."