Friday, April 6, 2012

Mr. Stinky

Of all the indignities in this process is my conversion into Mr. Stinky, due to the fact that the drainage from my abscess is ever-present, over=powering and would gag a maggot with a head cold. This does not make me very popular, even with my family, whose visits are perforce shorter and shorter.


Cederq said...

You have an abscess, it is infected, I hope you didn't catch MRSA in there, Get better soon, and don't give the nurses heck! Give the Docs Heck!

Kevin Cederquist

Ron Thomas said...

Have Rosie get a bunch of those tree air fresheners and to heck with the rest of them! Stinking and alive is better than mouldering dead!
Get well soon!

Transsylvania Phoenix said...

Get well soon, Mike. I know it stinks to be sick (in your case both, figuratively and literally) but thank God it's only an abscess and not something more serious. I want you to know you are in my family prayers.
Now, here is something to make you smile and forget the pain for a minute:
Feel free to forward it to David since he he can claim Romanian ancestry :)

Gunny G said...

Get well soon, the fight is far from over.

ParaPacem said...

Yes, and in the original Snow white tale, there WAS a dwarf named Stinky but he was omitted in the translation.
Hang tough bro, and don't be afraid to keep a pump bottle of Purell nearby; use it yourself, and have family use it when they visit.
PS - if that abscess smell reminds you of decomp, bear in mind that both Maxine Waters AND Debbie Was-a-man Schutlz both use that scent for their cologne.

Happy D said...

Time to practice using gas masks.
Speedy recovery and May God bless you.

Sean said...

Hope you get better soon. It's no fun when people shun, either. Will pray for you and yours. SeanIII.

ChadZ from Wisconsin said...

Google medicinal uses of charcoal. I picked up a book on it at the local 7th day Adventist health food/bookstore. One of the uses listed was destinking wounds and healing abcesses.

Anonymous said...

Crap !- That's Awful ! Have someone bring you some clothes pins and then hand them to people for their noses so they don't Have to run off. All we use clothes pins for is on bags of chips but they can come in handy. Ron's right: Stinking & alive is better than mouldering dead ! That hospital should have given you a spray can of Ozium. It's an Awesome odor eliminator. Here's a link but I get ours in the automotive scents in Walmart:

You're in my prayers for this to be over soon and be back home.

SB Smith

Terry said...

Ask your doc about Nestle's Impact. It's healing abilities are getting rave reviews.

Get well soon,

Ed said...

Try a dab of Vicks Vapo-Rub for the upper lip to counteract the stench and a cup of black coffee to remove the lingering taste from the mouth.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Terry, that Nestle Impact product is very interesting. I'd never heard of that. It's worth checking out.

Sorry link is so long..
Hope you're doing better, Mike

SB Smith