Monday, April 9, 2012

White House Won't Let Rep. Issa Question Key Staffer About Fast and Furious.

From M Catharine Evans


Anonymous said...

This is "old news" ! The OAs spreading of the reach of "Executive Privilege" is legendary ! I look forward to it encompassing our leader's "picks" for whatever sporting event is in the limelight so as not to embarrass him !

As for the "O'Reily" situation, there is no basis in law or past practice to support the President's contention. But, then, he doesn't appear to have a good grasp of constitutional law, either ! >MW

Anonymous said...

Ms Evans ended her essay with this question So how exactly does Executive Privilege apply in this situation?

I applies because the WH bleeping well SAYS it does! PLUS there is no downside to invoking it since the Legislature has no teeth. Congress has no way to enFORCE anything it says. The executive branch is responsible for enforcing Congress' edicts. There is no mechanism for forcing compliance by a recalcitrant executive.

Remember nothing is illegal unless the perpetrator is successfully prosecuted. Who enforces the law on the enforcers? We are living in a bureaucratic kakoiocracy - a government of bureaucrats run by kakoiocrats. Who can hold them accountable? Short of a full-on rebellion - something none of us desire - what can be done?

Anonymous said...

Com'on Issa, show somexspine and stones. You have the power and authority. USE IT!! If they won't answer your questions, bust 'em for contempt of Congress. I want to see some assholes (and they're ALL assholes) doing the perp walk.

B Woodman

rdf67 said...

Mike -
I don't see any alternative to Holder impeachment for obstruction of justice. 16 months of stonewalling is basis - IG report will try to whitewash with blame on ATF for poor procedure. False letters, false testimony - Patience of Congress is is not getting the answers the Terry family deserves.