Friday, April 6, 2012

David Codrea:Is uncertified ‘top Philly cop’ breaking gun laws he’d break us for?

Another big "Only One" surprise.


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SWIFT said...

Many of us here in western Pa refer to Philly as Filthadelphia. The majority of residents are left-wing,anti-gun, welfare types. Government there has always been corrupt and the police, dating back to Frank Rizzo, has had a reputation for brutality. The hard working people left when the giant shipyard closed. The big scandal now is many city workers have not paid taxes in 20 years. It is another Detroit, but hasn't gotten the notoriety YET!

Anonymous said...

It's no surprise. Former Philadelphia police commissioner Willie Williams got the job of Los Angeles Police Chief after the Rodney King riots but he was too dim to pass the California POST (Peace Officer Standards and Training) exam, so he couldn't become a "real" police officer. The L.A. City Council gave him a (rare as hens' teeth) concealed-weapon permit so he could carry a gun around. After 5 years Williams lost his Los Angeles job for incompetence and corruption (he accepted "all expenses paid, including gambling" trips to Las Vegas from businessmen selling to LAPD).