Saturday, April 28, 2012

Meanwhile, the cover-up continues.

CBS -- Government's answer to "Fast and Furious" records requests: Blank pages


DC Wright said...

We can but hope that CBS will get so P.O.d at the regime over this they'll start actually reporting on the REST of the evil Obummer is doing to us.

SWIFT said...

If CBS is serious about pursuing this, take Holder and company to court. It isn't like CBS doesn't have the money. Keeping this corrupt administration and agency, in the public eye, is worth the cost. This is an election year; Axelrod and Jarrod are going to have to decide which black eye is more damning to Obama, a court order to produce documents, or voluntarily producing the documents. We do not have any evidence, but I have to suspect WH advisors see Holder as a definite liability. Holder does not have any honor and cannot be expected to fall on his sword. The WH knows this and cannot find a way out of crashing and burning together. This is to be expected when you surround yourself with scumbuckets.

Anonymous said...

DC Wright-
CBS isn't pissed off at the regime at all. Sharyl Attkisson can only do so much by herself.
My guess is that CBS is hoping Barbados Slim (Holder) will be able to obfuscate the matter long enough until it all goes away. This would give CBS an excuse eventually get rid of Attkisson for spending so much time on a "non-story". CBS can't fire her yet - it would attract too much negative attention. I'm not impressed by this weeks rumblings over comtempt charges. How many times have we heard this shit already? Besides, as I've said before, Boehner is nothing more than a well-tanned pussy. I will be pulling gold bars out of my ass before Boehner allows a vote on contempt charges. I hope I'm wrong, but I doubt I am.

rdf67 said...

It is hard to believe that an EPA administrator is turned loose over brutal statements, but DOJ personnel who caused brutal deaths of hundreds are still on the payroll. Hard to believe that Secret Service Agent shenanigans trumps Gunwalker. Maybe the scandal is too big to report? Fingers crossed for Contempt Charges "very soon".