Sunday, April 8, 2012

Government monopoly of violence advocates buy a piece of the Trayvon pimping.

Good work by John Richardson.


GaryM said...

As a retired person I was going to attend on Friday, but I hate to miss the fun...

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious. Crime in St. Louis is black on black or black on white. There's so little 'white on black' crime that's it's statistically irrelevant.

However, the 'hoodie' has become the latest fashion trend for sure and giving 'attitude' and showing 'disrespect' for 'whitey' is becoming the norm for behavior (like it ever went out of style?) among the ghetto crowd.

The 'knock-out game' isn't inflicted on blacks by other blacks. Seems to be reserved for victims who 'are not black'. Should we mention the 'beat down' that occurred in St. Clair when a white waitress delivered the wrong food order to a group of black women?

So, ya, we can expect the local 'reps' to justify and rationalize the continuing racial discrimination and intimidation against whites in St. Louis.

There are good reasons why north St. Louis County, north city and E. St. Louis exist as they do and it has nothing to do with the manner in which the white citizens of our area treat black citizens. There are good reasons for white citizens to avoid those areas.

And it's not like anyone from St. Louis or who will be attending the NRA Convention had anything at all to do with the Florida case. Ignorant grandstanding and race baiting, that's all it is.

Anonymous said...

Trayvon Martin photo, up to date, unreleased and scrubbed by media: