Monday, April 16, 2012

Promises. promises.

Issa promises NRA that F&F investigation will hold DoJ officials accountable.


SWIFT said...

Well, it is the beginning of the campaign season and "promises" are part of that. If the Republic doesn't crash under the weight of debt, maybe the ship of state will sink under the weight of unkept promises (Re:lies!). Anyway, my money in on the long hot summer ahead. Not debt, not lies!

TPaine said...

As the Brits are fond of saying, "pull the other one!" Issa has had the ammunition to hang Holder and his lackies from the beginning - what's he going to do that is different? Right now, we have the New Black Panthers who have openly posted a $10K reward for George Zimmerman, dead or alive, which is a federal crime, open and shut, and who's in trouble? Zimmerman.

Issa can claim anything he wants, but Holder will walk, and all the work that you and David did will make a new interesting book. End of story.

We're entering the next phase, which will not include verbal threats and gestures. Actions talk, bullshit walks.

bloodyspartan said...

Darrel Eyesore is going to Holder them accountable


Anonymous said...

And pigs will fly. . . . out of my butt by the time THAT happens.

B Woodman

theaton said...

I posted the following on Dave Workman's Examiner blog and David Codrea's facebook page. I see that Mike has a donations button. I feel this is important. Let's all pitch in.

I detest people who call themselves journalists while making money off the work of others. I will not purchase Ms. Pavlich's book and I suggest others do the same.

Dave, David, and Mike have been on this story from day one. I suggest this is a time where we either put up or shut up. I suggest donations be made to these three exceptional Patriots. This must be done. A paypal account may be the best way. For now, if Mike will provide his address or post office box I will put a check in the mail today. It's time we stop giving our money to those who pretend to support our rights and give it those who actually do it everyday.