Wednesday, April 4, 2012

More ATF illegal thuggery.

BATFE Violates The Law Again.


SWIFT said...

For shit sake, don't they ever learn anything? They already tried this a few years ago in Operation Forward Trace. Instead of laying low for a while after Fast & Furious, they are right back in everyone's face. Could it be that the regional offices believe the heat is off? I hope gun organizations bust the ATF's cajones. (Women agents included. Sometimes, you can't really tell!)

Ike said...

When you decline to give the ATF “Investigators” permission to copy your FFL (or C&R) books during the annual audit, they may use a digital camera to take pictures of every page – with or without your permission.

This is a direct violation of the Firearm Owners’ Protection Act (FOPA).

Ed said...

The greatest problem with willful Firearms Owner Protection Act violations is in those tasked to enforce the law, who think the law is to regulate thee and not me. So instead, we get selective enforcement of the law to suit the needs of those in authority. Makes you feel "safer", huh? who are you going to complain to, the Attorney General.

The problem is not with the tools, but the tool wielders, whether they be those disposed to violence or abusers of authority.

The only effective way to stop the abuse is outright revocation of the laws and dismantling of the enforcement agency. "Reform" will get you nowhere but a worse place through the efforts of those who think that the current laws are inadequate and those that pander to them. They really do not care about your rights because they feel free to deny your rights as an expression of their supposed moral superiority.

For a concise history of such legislation see

Anonymous said...

This is why I now buy my firearms thru private sales.

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