Saturday, April 7, 2012

"This is not your standard homicide." The makings of a perfect racial shitstorm.

3 Killed, 2 Injured In Okla. Shootings. Police Searching For Lone Suspect
Three people were killed and two were injured Friday in four shootings in north Tulsa, Okla., and police are searching for a lone suspected gunman, they said.
Tulsa police spokesman Capt. Jonathan Brooks said investigators were looking into whether the shootings may have been possible hate crimes.
"We're not absolutely certain, but a hate crime is a possibility. And we'll go with where the investigation leads us," he said.
All of the victims are black. The suspected shooter is a white male and is believed to be traveling in a white truck, said Brooks.
It was not immediately clear whether any of the victims knew each other, he said.
They range in age from 31 to 54. They were shot over the course of seven hours at four different street locations in the early morning, Brooks said.
Tulsa police formed a joint task force with the local FBI office as well as the U.S. Marshals Service. In the event the shootings turn out to be hate crimes, "they can help us pursue it," he said.
"This is not your standard homicide," said Brooks.
Back in the Nineties, I had a very revealing conversation with Dennis Mahon, who assured me that when the time was right him and his kameraden of White Aryan Resistance could start a racial civil war with ease. Since I'm still in the hospital and I don't have access to the tape of that phone call, I'll have to give you my best recollection.
"All we'll have to do is go into the ghetto and do some drive-bys, and then put on blackface and wigs and do the same to the white neighborhoods." Dennis, by the way, lived in -- and did most of his neo-Nazi recruiting in -- Tulsa, Oklahoma. Dennis is now in federal prison, but it could well be that his theory goes marching on.


Anonymous said...

The Martin shooting as well as stuff like this has reaffirmed my belief in one thing: the next civil war will happen because we want it to.

Anonymous said...

Unable to convict Zimmerman, the collectivist media will quickly jump on this one. Expect a renewed congressional focus on banning guns. It's all SO very predictable.

Anonymous said...

C.riminal`s I.n A.ction!,Here`s one of your false flag`s.All this Travon bullshit is`nt working fast enough for them.

J. Travis said...

I remember 30 years ago hearing neo-Nazis ranting about how this country would eventually be torn apart by racial civil war, mainly because our government would be deliberately sponsoring it.

I laughed then.

Anybody laughing now?

JoeFromSidney said...

A white man in a white van. Where have we heard that before?

Cameraman said...

How Convenient, A White Man In a White Country Cadillac! I call B.S. Its the Start of FF event, as The St Skittles shyte is Cooling off!

Mr. White, Reservoir Dog Groomer said...

It would be interesting to see if, instead of falling for a false-flag operation, John Q turned his retaliatory field of fire toward the flaggers themselves, would it not? Unintended consequences part deux.

Da Curly Wolf said...

Sigh..I'd love to be able to travel back in time, find the son of a bitch who coined the phrase "may you live in interesting times" knock him out cold and then rip his still beating heart out of his chest. Why? because as anyone with a brain will tell you...THAT phrase is a curse and since we ARE living in those times I can honestly say...I'm not really enjoying the experience.

MamaLiberty said...

Aren't all violent crimes the product of "hate?" Whether of others or self doesn't matter.

I never heard of any sort of violent aggression prompted by love.

Hate is an emotion, not a skin color.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, remeber the "beltway sniper attacks"?

Claimed a white man in a white van -
but neither claim was correct.


NoelArmourson said...

Banner of Untruth.

pdxr13 said...

"White man in a white van" turned out to be a Pacific NW black kid inside the trunk of a Caprice, driven by a Marxist Black man.

Facts don't affect the meme.


Anonymous said...

Its all just part of the plans.. by the summer the racial tension will be so heavy and edgy it wont take but a nod to start up in synch with Occupy..
Remember that the domestics have heavy support amog their union brothers in LE.. just part of the plan.. its not about if but when.

Always remember the head of the hydra.

Yank lll

Anonymous said...

What a chillingly heinous agenda - basically telling you "We'll just pit the races against each other." At least the vermin is currently in jail (but for how long ?) I'm glad you have that phone conversation recorded.
Hope you're back home soon !

SB Smith

Osmium said...

Neo-nazis are threatening action against the Black Panthers.

Both of them are collectivists and useful idiots of the Bolsheviks (I refuse to call them representatives).

What we are seeing is a scenario similar to Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

Government manufactures an enemy, and uses it as a pretext to enslave the people.

Mt Top Patriot said...

Whether it is intentional incitement of racial warfare, a false flag operation, like Gunwalker, and or by whom, it probably won't matter, it is undoubtedly going to be utilized one way or another as crisis as a means.
What I'm saying is the Kenyan's regime must be licking their chops and wringing their hands in utter tyrannical glee. This is too good an opportunity to pass up for those clowns. I have to state that in no uncertain terms, I would not put it past these dirtbags had a hand in it.
There are no coincidences in obama's amerika. Besides, they are frugal and efficient if they are nothing when it comes to the tyrants time honored strategy of divide and conquer. Nothing like this goes to waste. Your talking about a group of psychopaths who's hands are bloody up to the elbows in murders with the gunwalking repercussions of operation Fast & Furious. A foul collection of demented social misfits in the white house and the department of "justice", commie crazies, sycophants, and critical race theory bigots who enable and support extremists such as the New Black Panther Party using violence to commit vote fraud, and posting a wanted dead or alive bounty on Mr. Zimmerman. All for the sole purpose of destroying this Constitutional Republic.
These murders dovetail quite nicely, let alone the timing, into the narrative of class and racial warfare they are infamous for being directly involved in hawking. Let alone stir up the base of racial entitlement free shit crowd. The lefts get out the vote on afterburner.
I suspect this is only the beginning.

God help us please. This great nation is going to need your wisdom and faith before this is over.

Old NFO said...

Yeah, maybe a false flag, it's a 'bit' too predictable... just sayin...

Skip said...

Still loading here Boss.
The 'Neighborhood Watch' is good with the watch schedule, provs are laid in, fire lines are assigned, FOBs are ready, I think the hoods good.

Chase said...

Depending on who "we" are...I hope to God that the next civil war doesn't happen, because I'll probably be horribly killed, or worse, survive but see everyone around me die.

Anonymous said...

In other parts of the country, this is not even deemed as national news.

In Gary, IN over the past several months people have been shot from dawn til dark all times of day, walking the streets by drive-bys, no connection with shooter(s). Gary mayor has made no declaration of emergency, Jesse Jackass showed up talking about Gary's black empowerment history recently... no mention of the domestic terrorism going on of black on black crime.

MSNBC is another organ of the propaganda ministry for the Zero regime with an agenda to support liberal fascism and black liberation theology from the Soros puppet Zero the usurper n thief, illegal alien squatting in the White Hut.

Meanwhile, Sheriff's Joe's Cold Case posse investigation of Zero's forged birth certificate, selective service card is under media blackout. Even a FOX news anchorwoman tweeted some blurbs about it and was quickly shut down by FOX execs. FCC firestorm, threats on person, family will do that from these thugs.

Anonymous said...

its a Diversion...

three cups and one this hand while the other one F&@Ks you over, brought to you by ..well you know who