Saturday, April 7, 2012

Editgate -- the cover-up continues.

NBC's Nameless Scapegoat Raises More Questions


Anonymous said...

"Raises more questions"?

Don't have one. I know exactly who did it and why they did it. I also know why it's being covered up and, I'm not alone!

Anonymous said...

A former producer has written elsewhere that it may repeat may have been a "today show" producer named Jim Bell.

Anonymous said...

Zimmerman is a multi-millionaire when this shit is over!.Sue these lying sonsabitches for all you can get kid.

Anonymous said...

If they won't name a lesser agent, then the responsibility defaults to the senior honcho in charge. That could be Jeffrey Immelt.


Anonymous said...

"This intentional attempt to gin up racial hatred and division is not only the slander of a private citizen (and the poisoning of a jury he might someday meet) but an attack on every citizen of this country..."
John Nolte

Well said! The Old Media rat-bastards will use any means to further The Narrative. ;^(


Anonymous said...

When black people have no accomplishments they can point to, nothing they can take pride in and no cultural contributions but gangsta behavior and the destuction of every city they've moved into, someone has to be blamed - and that someone is whitey.

And NBC is there to help them do it, even if they have to make it up.

Mt Top Patriot said...

That is one hell of a fine article by Washington Post's Erik Wemple.

You can bet your right arm that if a Mike Vanderboegh or Sarah Palin was involved in something like this, (absolutely unlikely, but I'm repeating myself), there would be a lynch mob out for them, oh I forgot, ooops my bad, there is a lynch mob out, for Mr. Zimmerman, and that was the whole intention.

Now what was I saying?

Oh ya, lynch mob...mmmm.
I guess there ain't much difference between the government we have, the legacy media, and the illegal alien in the white house. I'm having a difficult time separating them all. Guess it don't matter, they are the most worthless collection of scumbags to ever disgrace the great nation.

drjim said...

Just heard today they FIRED him!

Anonymous said...

Firing is not enough for such a despicable action. This was a conscious decision with the only possible intention to start racial violence. If the NBPP can get away with posting a dead or alive bounty for Zimmerman, then this seditious bastard deserves one.

drjim said...

I agree. The dick head should be brought up on criminal charges, like "Inciting to riot" or something.