Monday, April 16, 2012

Haters of Humanity: The Church of Malthus

Read this.


Happy D said...

Five words "Paul Gilding is an ignoramus".

He does not know enough about food, energy, or mineral production to form an opinion worth listening to.
He owes me 16 minutes 47 seconds of my time back.
My high school science class taught me every thing I needed to know to know that the Green read that Hitlerian Eco-Liars were cooking the books.

That was long before the"Climate-Gate" scandal proved the depth of their lies.

Happy D said...

Most importantly notice the subtle gun control argument foundation block at 9:39 on the video.

Can't disarm them till you scare them.

Can't enslave them until you disarm them.

Because they know better how you should live.

We know why they should cease what they are doing.
If they do not stop of their own accord they must be stopped. Lethally if they force it!

Just look at the recent unnecessary gas price increases as the most obvious example of what they have done to you!

TPaine said...

I am a Christian, so I'm not too worried about what will become of the earth, eventually. I know what's going to happen. But let's look at the atheistic viewpoint - the earth is self-sustaining, with or without us. Man has been able to use his brains to continually adjust and adapt. When the time comes that his ingenuity runs out, he will cease to exist (at least in his present state), but the earth will not.

Nuclear war is a real possibility, and man might just be set back to stone age standards by that or disease, or massive catastrophes. So if you want to go that route, fine with me. I'm not looking forward to having to fight my neighbors to protect my home and food supplies, and I'm not looking forward to the SHTF scenarios coming our way.

But I believe that Jesus is coming back (hopefully very soon), and that God is really in control. My reward is in Heaven, and the less suffering I have to do to get there, the better. Those of you who are atheists are on your own.

Anonymous said...

And I would reply to any of the EnviroNazi ilk that would berate me for my lifestyle in order to "save the earth."
"You want to save the earth and reduce carbon dioxide? Follow your convictions to the logical end, and committ suicide. If you're not willing to do that, then you're a hypocrit."
"If you're not willing to do that, then what lifestyle are you living? Do you live in a heated, cooled, and electrified house? Do you own a car? Hypocrit, hypocrit, hypocrit, and hypocrit."
"You should be living in a cold cave, with no fire, wearing only woven plant clothing, eating only raw fruits and vegetables."

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

In his snotty British accent, Paul Gilding laments that,

"We have created too much stuff..."

1.) Antibiotics and anesthetics
2.) Hydroelectic power and the distribution grid
3.) Hot/cold running water and sewage treatment plants
4.) Centralized heating/cooling
5.) Mining and farm machinery
6.) Liquor stills! :^)

Without most of this "stuff" modern civilization would collapse. The loss of life would number in the billions.

It seems as though Paul Gilding feels a guilty pleasure in having luxuries such as microwave ovens and packaged foods to prepare in them, so he intends to sacrifice the majority of mankind to appease his parsimonious gods.

If economics is the "dismal science" then Malthus gets my vote for being its darkest practitioner. He is the intellectual godfather of Karl Marx, whose insidious doctine has led to the death of many millions.


If I may intrude with a personal note, yours truly is not a Malthusian; "MALTHUS" (all caps) is a self-deprecatory nom de guerre. I doubt that there has been any confusion here at SSI about my views concerning the private property order but this seems like a good opportunity to remove any uncertainty that may possibly exist.

What is "Occupation" said...

Talk about a complete nitwit...

How about the simple fact that there is unlimited energy around us that we have not tapped?

The man should give us HIS worldly wealth and retire to a shack on an island in the south pacific.

However I dont think he will...

GMA215 said...

Nuts. Just simply NUTS.

RealClearScience - The World Is Not Overpopulated
An opinion piece in the Los Angeles Times declared the world to be overpopulated and even compared humanity to a cancerous growth. This reasoning is not only ...
The Myth of Overpopulation - First Generation Christians - NS
The Myth of Overpopulation. One of the most quoted reasons for birth control in general - abortion and euthanasia specifically - is that the world is overpopulated.

Mt Top Patriot said...

Dear Mr. Mike,

Hope you are doing better! Have you in my thoughts. Been saying prayers to the good Lord for you and your loved ones.
Get well and come back to us.

Wrap your head around the utter tyranny of this. This is what passes for human beings. Who are the animals and invasive species here?