Monday, April 16, 2012

George Washington named Britain's greatest ever foe

Beats out Michael Collins, Napoleon and Rommel.


Anonymous said...

First, I hope you're feeling better. If you're not home, I hope you will be soon.
Re: Washington - That's Awesome ! What a great compliment for George !

SB Smith

SWIFT said...

Hmmmmmmm. I would have thought it would have been Gandhi. Oh well, at least the Brits remember even though our leadership and the praetorian guard have forgotten. There's always someone who needs a reminder.

W. C. Taqiyya said...

It's Hitler and it's not even close. Gandhi is a good pick but for the fact that Gandhi could not have happened in the absence of the empire destroying second world war. Which Hitler correctly predicted and which certainly came to pass. Picking George Washington as the greatest foe of Britain is foolishness.

Anonymous said...

Washington did them a favor. They could never have exerted their control beyond the colonies into the American wilderness. They were already in over their heads, just too arrogant, egotistical & stubborn to admit that.

General Washington saved the British people untold millions in tax dollars that would have been needed to support the military forces needed to occupy our nation. The crown would have had to impose taxes bankrupting their nation and the fledgling colonies supporting further adventures in America.

Or, they may have used the Irish example and granted lands to loyalists and allowed the loyalists to impoverish and exterminate the indigenous Americans ... had they been able to keep their scalps intact beyond the Appalachians!

Consider General Washington's victory over the British as karma for the British occupations and oppressions visited upon other nations.

And always remember it was General Washington's victory that led to the century long alliance enabling Great Britain to survive Nazi aggressions and emerge from the fires as a nation united and still speaking the Queens English.

Hooray for George Washington. Hip hip hooray for the good General!

Jimmy the Saint said...

@SWIFT: Ghandi was a political leader and not eligible. It had to be someone who actually faced the British on a battlefield.

Anonymous said...

Washington and his Federalist toadie Hamilton proved themselves as Americans' foes, also. Read about the Whiskey Rebellion. And, remember what they say in Hollywood: "You're as good as your last picture".

aughtsix said...

A more important observation of Washington's stature was supposedly rendered by George III who, upon learning that Washington had surrendered his sword to Congress when victory had been achieved, said, "If true, he is the greatest man who ever lived."

Hope you're feeling better, Mike. My gratitude for all you have done is forever.