Monday, April 2, 2012

Doper analyzes the Gunwalker Scandal and comes up a couple of tokes short.

"Fast and Furious never connected the dots."
The tragedy of Operation Fast and Furious is the death of Brian Terry. The travesty is the witch hunt by Reps. Issa and Grassley who want to use Fast and Furious against the Obama administration while they distract from the genuine problem of gun running due to our lax gun sales laws.


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Dakota said...

{sigh} .... unfortunately this is the reality that we face. We have a citizenry that is so disengaged and so self centered in their own little bubble that they have no idea what the "real" world is. They have no idea the danger that faces them from a government that has overstepped it's original mandate.

By continuing to divide us it makes it harder to focus on the travesty that surrounds us. Even "we" are divided and thus ineffective. Never has this nation been more divided, and never has the divide been more filled with hatred for the other side. It is a recipe for disaster ... unfortunately it seems it is a disaster that has been planned, not by accident.

Anonymous said...

I guess he's willing to overlook the multitude of federal firearms violations and the ITAR violations that were committed.

Do we dare mention the violations of Mexican national sovereignty?

Of course he realizes that had anyone else done such things they'd be feeling the full brunt of a federal prosecution along with the economic ruination it imposes.

I guess manipulating NICS checks was not a problem for him nor was the coercion and intimidation of legitimate business's to transfer guns to illegal buyers.

I'm guessing he's OK with supplying arms to mass murderers for the sake of influencing political policy in the U.S. 'under the radar.'

I have to guess that INTENTIONALLY transferring thousands of guns to well known murderous criminals would have been alright if the feds had just coordinated their efforts better.

Yes Dorthy, there's a reason they call it dope... and we have a new poster boy in Arizona.

Anonymous said...

Pathetic: Obama, Calderon, Press Avoid Fast and Furious Discussion

rdf67 said...

Well ain't that special - The Feds were going after FBI CI, but when they had the chance to arrest the target, they tried to recruit him. Sounds good but only to the spin doctors who are in denial about the real racist plan - Flood weapons to Mexico - let them murder one another - create a backlash - and voila' - the American people will give up their gun rights.

Doper should room with Charlie Savage so they can dream up more attacks on Issa and Grassley who are trying to root out evil in the DOJ. This is an example of obstruction of justice and could even be emanating from Eric Schultz in the White House. Just my humble two bits.