Thursday, April 19, 2012

David Codrea: ‘Gunwalker’ suspect gave ATF and border authorities plenty of clues amidst lies

Couldn't do this one myself.


Cybrludite said...

Not sure if you heard the news. Looks like the FBI has stopped sharing useful information with the fusion centers.

Radio Patriot said...

Katie Pavlich at BlogCon Charlotte now giving props to you and David Codrea for your work on F&F. proud to know ya! proud of your work.

The Radio Patriot
Andrea Shea King

Radio Patriot said...

Katie Pavlich giving props to you and David Codrea for your work on uncovering Fast & Furious. Proud of ya!

Radio Patriot
(Andrea Shea King)

SWIFT said...

I have got to go back and re-examine Bill Newell's testimony before Issa's committee. I think, but cannot remember for certain, that Newell reviewing MacAllister's decision letting the felon walk, means Newell committed perjury. Indict the skinny puke and gets this investigation moving toward conclusion.

justiceseeker51 said...

Obama officially ineligible

In what may turn out to be one of the biggest scandals in the history of the United States, the Obama administration itself has now virtually admitted to High Crimes and Misdemeanors and to deceiving the public into believing a lie that was ironically intended to distract awareness from the actual issue that truly determines his eligibility, or lack thereof.

Anonymous said...

Great article! Check this out, too:

Mt Top Patriot said...

Mr. Mike there is a nice piece about you and Dave's tireless efforts at American Thinker:

"...I haven't read Katie's book so I don't know if she's given these unsung heroes their due in print. I know it probably doesn't matter to them, that's how heroes and real freedom fighters are. They work quietly while others get the glory. After a 16-month congressional investigation yielding no contempt or criminal charges, the first journalists on the case know Gunwalker is not even out of the prologue stage..."