Thursday, January 12, 2012

Nice. Surrendering local sovereignty to the feds.

Feds Expected To Get Involved To Deal With Crime Wave.


The Trainer said...

Resistance to Tyranny, Dr. Joseph P. Martino, Chapter 3, Pg 57, paragraph 3, "...government may deliberately fail to supress crime, letting it fester instead, the use the crime level as justification for placing restrictions on ownership of weapons, disarming honest citizens, and requiring extensive controls on movement and travel. Beware when the government starts claiming the need for addtional powers to "fight crime." (Emphasis added.)

Kinda makes ya think the ole Doc's book is right on the money.....don't it?

Torque said...

This ought not come as a surprise. Considering the Federal presence w/ TSA on the ground and VIPR Teams involved in local "checkpoints."



MamaLiberty said...

The first problem, obviously, was the surrender of INDIVIDUAL sovereignty to the "local" politicians. Nothing good will happen until individuals take back ownership and responsibility for their own lives.

Any real difference between city, county, state and federal government is vanishingly small.

Anonymous said...

Our "federal" govt is trying hard to become a full-blown, no-limits national govt.

It needs to be crammed back into its Constitutional prison and then kneecapped so it can't get too far next time it escapes.