Thursday, January 12, 2012

A matter of legitimacy.

Forwarded by Ranger Rick we have Continuity plan.


Anonymous said...

..."Corruption isn't sufficient to bring about insurgency, corruption assumes a healthy core. A regime has to be seen as an occupying power, unresponsive to the will of the populace, resting on arbitrary rule unconstrained by due process, relying instead on intimidation and use of disproportional force—home invasion in particular, networks of anonymous accusers, checkpoints and humiliating searches which can't be predicted or avoided, indefinite detention and lack of genuine avenues for redress. This is the stuff of illegitimacy."

...herein lies the bridge we approach.

Take heed those who read with malice. You may win a battle but your war is already lost. You are trading freedom & liberty for a tyranny that will damn your souls and leave your children starving, ignorant and chained in slavery & oppression. The writing is on the wall plain to see. Is this what you really want for the future of our nation?

Cheyenne is six million strong and growing day by day.

Sean said...

He ain't woofin'. Partizan and insurgency work will be the stuff of nightmares. If you're not on the winning side at the end, you better make yourself scarce, or invisible.

Rick said...

Duncey Pelosi will be 72 on Mar.26...she was an early wave of slime creatures from outer space.

Anonymous said...

Let,s face it nobody in their right mind WANTS to see violence in our country.Consider this ,millions of people put out of work thru no fault of their own.millions more put out of house and home as a result.These same folks are constantly bombasted with news of the banksters still getting their fantastic bonuses,Scenes of the Hollywood crowd paying 30,000 dls. a plate to dine with Obama.(Get where this is going?)Even the meekest Melvin Milktoast ,when backed into a corner to the point of desperation will get to a point where he doesnt give a shit what happens to himself,hes going to fight.