Thursday, January 12, 2012

This email alert just in . . . It explains a lot.

The year is 1947
Some of you will recall that on July 8, 1947, 65 years ago, witnesses claim that an unidentified flying object (UFO) with five aliens aboard crashed onto a sheep and mule ranch just outside Roswell , New Mexico . This is a well known incident that many say has long been covered up by the U.S. Air Force and other federal agencies and organizations.
However, what you may NOT know is that in the month of April 1948, nine months after that historic day, the following people were born:
Albert A. Gore, Jr.
Hillary Rodham
John F. Kerry
William J. Clinton
Howard Dean
Nancy Pelosi
Dianne Feinstein
Charles E. Schumer
Barbara Boxer
See what happens when aliens breed with sheep and jackasses? I certainly hope this bit of information clears up a lot of things for you. It did for me.
No wonder they support the bill to help illegal aliens!


John said...

Amusing, but neither Hillary not Bill Clinton were born in or near April of 1948.

Anonymous said...

Only Al Gore Jr. meets the dates. The others may be aliens, bots, cyborgs, zombies or mutants, but they are not offspring of that UFO encounter.

Anonymous said...

What did aliens ever do to you that you would rate them that low?What an improvement!The Billerbeast looks a lot better with its mask off.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that you are feeling better.
If you posted nothing else all week, this one is worth waiting for.

A merry heart does good like a medicine. Proverbs 17:22
A good belly laugh is priceless.


Anonymous said...

Worth a chuckle, which we all need! But Senator-for-Life Feinstein was born in 1933.

CowboyDan said...

"The others may be aliens, bots, cyborgs, zombies or mutants, but they are not offspring of that UFO encounter."

Key word in the sentence, THAT, as in "not offspring of that UFO encounter." Leaves open the chance that other aliens mated with Earth women, or vice-versa, Earth men, at other times.

Hey, that would explain a lot, wouldn't it?

jeff said...

Truth is, they were indeed ALL born in 1948, but most have had their birth records "adjusted." By other sheep-aliens.