Saturday, January 14, 2012

Holder in Salt Lake City. As a Threeper does some guerrilla picketing, Eric thanks his lickspittle Shurtleff.

Eric Holder on Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff: "He is more of what we need in this country. . . He has become a good friend." No doubt.
The Deseret News reports on Eric Holder's speech: "Nation has not yet reached 'promised land,' U.S. attorney general tells Utah audience." Well, sure. The promised land of the Founders will happen when such criminal men as Holder who prey on the liberty and property of the people under color of law are routinely tried and punished as traitors.
Holder also spent time with recently appointed U.S. Attorney for Utah David Barlow and his staff.
Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff called Holder's first visit to Utah a historic moment. Of the four or five U.S. attorneys general he has worked with over the years, Shurtleff said Holder has been the most accessible.
Holder also expressed admiration for Shurtleff.
"He is more of what we need in this country," he said of the Utah Republican. "He has become a good friend."
Since Holder took office in February 2009, Shurtleff has had several meetings with him and his chief deputies on issues such as the college football Bowl Championship Series, illegal immigration, mortgage fraud and Internet safety. The Department of Justice sued the state in November over its illegal immigration enforcement law.
Shurtleff is being sued by Holder, but he's the best thing since sliced bread? These two guys should get a room. I wonder if Dolly is jealous?
"Sniff. . . Never have an affair with a politician."
Meanwhile, we have this report on Threeper Agent J on an excellent little agitprop he performed at the event.
Interesting morning, even though I bugged out early due to agitprop. I showed up to the Sheraton around 10:30, asked the manager if I could give hand-outs (attached) to the attendees. Sidenote: I knew to call them hand-outs, not flyers or other commercial names since city ordinance prohibits handbills, flyers etc. He came back a few minutes later and told me the contract they had signed prohibited anyone else giving out handouts or media to attendees except the room renter and I would have to protest from the street sidewalk. I asked if I could not hand them out at the main lobby entrance door and he gave the private property speech. I did remind him it was an event the public had been invited to but decided not to push it. Onward and forward!
Set up the 3 fold presentation board sign I had made saying: HOLDER LIED . . . AGT. BRIAN TERRY MURDER COVER-UP . . . OPERATION FAST & FURIOUS . . . KENNETH TRENTADUE MURDER COVER-UP . . . FBI PATCON OKBOMB. At the entrance driveway to the parking lot I smiled, greeting incoming guests and offered hand-outs. Then I got lucky and scored a minor coup: a school bus full of High School kids pulled up and started to unload on the street curb. I quickly positioned myself by the bus door and greeted each student with "Welcome to the Drum Major Awards" as I gave them a hand-out. Some helpful students even passed them around.
Just before 11 am, a small group arrived bearing printed yellow signs 'UNFAIR SHERATON' and a small Hispanic man dressed as a mariachi who was rather 'light in the shorts' as my buddy with the camera observed began placing about 10 lawn signs and organizing where the protesters would stand. Mexican flags and US flags came out, El Zorro put on his zorro mask and more and more homeless people with yellow signs showed up over the next few minutes. A La Raza flag came out but they wouldn't answer who they were or what they were protesting. Capitan El Zorro wouldn't look at me as I asked who he was or what group this was and the homeless people with the yellow signs said they were protesting a lay off of an old lady housekeeper but didn't know anything about her or couldn't say anything 'for legal reasons'. In ten minutes there were thirty of them parading up and down and I was feeling pretty isolated, me with my sign and my buddy with the camera to document if law enforcement got aggressive.
One of SLC's finest came out and sized up the group and I made sure to point out to him that I was not with the 'yellow signs' and he asked me where my permit was - I told him I was on the sidewalk (permits are for street use). I had my buddy with the camera keep a weather eye out since I felt like things were going south and I was being set up. Another school bus pulled up to the curb and I again quickly positioned myself to greet and hand-out but this time the teachers got off first because of all the protesters and made a corridor for the students. It looked like a private school for minorities since the age group ranged from elementary to high school. I greeted the teachers, offered a hand-out and was rebuffed. I pleaded quietly with them, told them I respected the Drum Major Awards, that I was being respectful, and asked to be able to give it to the older kids as they got off the bus. One teacher was adamant NO, but I kept asking 'please' and another teacher gave a tiny nod when the first had walked a few paces away. I managed to give about 7 hand-outs until the NO teacher came back and got mad, so I told him that I hoped they did enjoy the awards and have a nice day.
Just a couple minutes later my buddy warned me that the manager and several officers kept coming to the front door and talking. El Zorro was jumping around waving the Mexican flag and the 'yellow sign' younger toughs (not the homeless guys, more like young union types) were getting pretty animated. Then the FBI guys did a 'first bump'. The cheap suits, sunglasses, lapel pins and earpieces were classic 'look at me I'm a federal agent'. They cruised down the sidewalk ignoring the yellow signs very much zoned in on me. I greeted them cheerfully to the Drum Major Awards handed them my hand out and my buddy on my signal went to get the car. He's 50% disabled from back injury but can walk usually without a cane and they came within inches of running him down, but he just stopped and stared at the guy and made him jump aside rather than run over him.
We bugged out before I could get blamed for the 'yellow sign' agitation and had a cheap burger at Sonic. All in all a successful day, and a decent guerilla operation, but next time I definitely won't go it alone. I'll send pics when I can.
It is unfortunate that, aside from the cameraman, he was the only one there, but J gets points for proceeding with the task at hand. Well done, J.
Yours in liberty,


SWIFT said...

Well done J. For your safety, NEVER attend such an event without two camera operators. While your friend was going to retrieve the car, the neo-nazi scum of the FBI could have brought harm to you, or phonied up an arrest, which is SOP for them. Still, I'm proud of you for showing some intestinal fortitude, so lacking in much of today's society, including the "patriot" community.

Anonymous said...

Please post handout attachment.


Anonymous said...

Only one guy? Out of the whole state of Nevada?

We're in deep doo doo.

Anonymous said...

Well done J. Outstanding reporting and comment.


Anonymous said...

Bill, here's a link to a blog that has a copy of the hand-out:

Anonymous said...

PS - blogger screws with the formatting of documents. I sent a .pdf to Mike also, but blogger won't take .pdf's either. The margins and sentence ends on the blogger link are out of whack but it works to get the gist of what was being passed out.

Anonymous said...

Good job J.
to anonymous, Salt Lake City is in Utah, not Nevada.

jack said...

He is more of what we need in this country," he said of the Utah Republican. "He has become a good friend..

salt lake city attorney