Saturday, May 28, 2016

When I'm gone, you might want to recall: "Collected video links to my speeches."

In fact, I was always disappointed by how few hits these got. Maybe Threepers can replay to newbies to recruit or when they seem appropriate. Here,s my last one:


Anonymous said...

Well, now that I have this handy post I can assure you that the view counts will go up. I will make sure to pass this on. Your words will not be forgotten, Mike - we will always remember you.

Sedition said...

I have already downloaded several of the speeches. I will personally ensure that I download the rest and burn them of to a DVD(s)and show them to all friends and family who dare come to my house.
I promise you that when they eventually come, my grand-kids will learn from the best.

P.G.T. Beauregard said...

Neither Genghis Khan nor Alexander the Great would agree with all four of the principles of the Catechism. Winning is all, and the winners write the history.

Go in peace, friend. You have earned your reward.

Anonymous said...

As a long time follower, and retired Veteran Service Officer, I wish you easy passage.
I look forward to meeting you in the great beyond as a fellow Christian.
Peace brother.

Chiu ChunLing said...

I've always been more fond of text than of video. But some videos are definitely worth the time and attention.

God be with you till we meet again.

Anonymous said...

Wilco, over. And thanks, Mike

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
Burned a bunch of gigs watching your vid's when they first came out!!! Cost me a few extra $$ on my ISP acct. but it was worth it. When first run I passed on the info to all my friends that were "Interested." Besides having access to the vid's, I will always treasure the couple of times we "Met for Tea at the Waffle House" near Pinson when I was on my way to NC!! Just know I will be carrying the torch down here in La. as long as I can breathe!!
Yer' "Man in Manchac!!,"
PS Would love to make a trip to Pinson one more time so I could at least pay my respects and shake your hand before you leave.......but it's not for me to do... What time you have left needs to be with your family and those closest to you..... But know I am with you in Spirit.

daniel said...

Video link below to Mike's speech at the first armed rally at Ft. Hunt, VA in 2010. We only had 75 or so participants, but there was a ton of media there and we got national coverage, plus I think it set a precedent by showing the Patriot movement that an armed rally could be done successfully. It was a pleasure working with Mike.

Full text on SSI:

Anonymous said...

Mike, Just know that your work, all of it, was not in vain.

YOU are the STANDARD by which EVERYONE ELSE, will be Measured. Those are very big boots to fill.

Thank you, isn't enough because that value gap is too wide to close. Only if there is victory for freedom, individual liberties, self-determination, pursuit of happiness, and justice as we know it and not as it would be dictated to us, can our debts to you even be acknowledged, for what they are.

I know that I measure you as a great man, a statesman and a peacemaker. I have valued your words and your speeches and will continue to. You have been downloaded sir, and will be teaching far into the future. I wish that you had greater reach but then that is one of the problems that has been deliberately created for the population, by it's enemies. Truth is not their friend but ours and they therefor lay waste to it every time they are able, and at all costs.

They couldn't shut you up or shut you down. They won't be able to do this to us either. The young realize that there is a problem and many know that they are being lied to. Do not despair.

God bless and keep you and yours until later.

Anonymous said...

I would have been downloading all of your videos a long time ago had I known the link. I've never spotted it on the Sipsey Street blog. I'm busy working on downloading all right now. God Bless you, Mike.

Anonymous said...

70 million veterans in America. Bred ,born and trained to despise and kill communists and socialists. TPTB think we are a collectivist society on a local, state ,federal level. Talk about a bunch of freedom hating eunuchs suffering from the affects of mental illness.And every form of debauchery known to man. No matter who becomes POTUS.The silent majority has awoken.We will have our America back. The badger has been poked too many times. Not one more inch.Behind enemy lines ,Ct.AAA/O.

Anonymous said...

For the posters above who are trashing trump and saying he will not do this - what other republican nominee or someone even close to it has brought up vince foster, juanita broderick, kathleen willey, the saudis being involved in 911, calling out the neo cons, and pointing out the disaster of the iraq war?

The only other GOPer who comes to mind is lifelong gun defender ron paul. He was hated by the establishment, too.

bondmen said...

Mike you aren't going anywhere, 'cept moving on up to the room in His mansion He's promised all those who hear His Word and believe! Many of US will see you there when our turn comes.

In the meantime there's work to be done here and your thoughts and ideas have been recorded where their access can help properly fill the plan books.

Anonymous said...

What are you "recruiting" for ? For what purpose ?

Anonymous said...

There are no "recruits" only believers in the movement ..
Oorah !

eatgrueldog said...

Don't worry about the hits or lack thereof Mike. You are an American Icon. You can rest upon what you have done.The link below is from 2014 but is still relevant. I hope this finds you as well as possible. Peace and best wishes.

Anonymous said...

What is the purpose of the movement ? The point ? The endgame ?

Mitch Rapp said...

I always liked reading them more, Mike. No offense at your speech making ability, but to me, the written word is so much stronger in some cases. Your speeches should be re-printed in book form I'd buy a copy even though I can get most for free.

Thanks for being a patriot, buddy!

Mitch Rapp

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

What is the purpose of the movement ? The point ? The endgame ?
May 30, 2016 at 10:31 AM

Freedom, dumb ass. Or haven't you been paying attention?