Friday, May 6, 2016

Forwarded by Mike: Thomas Sowell -- "An Unmitigated Disaster"

What the Republican establishment once feared most -- that Trump would lose the nomination and run on a third party -- now seems to be a danger that has passed. But a far larger danger to something far more important, American society, is that Trump could be elected President of the United States.


Anonymous said...

Utterly fantastic! To suggest a Third Party somehow arise, organize and get elected a
viable candidate five months before the national elections is moonbeam talk. My high
regard for Sowell just took a deep dip.

I'm not a fan of Trump or any politician but this is plain ridiculous. Just who does
he have in mind, this Angel from heaven sent to make right all the ills of this nation?
Gingrich? Ryan? General Mattis? Who? Maybe Prince William would take the Ermine of the Commonwealth of North America? Could do worse I suppose.

Sean said...

South Korea defend itself? And this is a tragedy? Bullshit. It is well beyond time for our supposed allies to pick up the tab, both in money, and blood, for their own problems. Why in hell our best young men have to go die in some foreign shit hole, to be later vilified, and the veterans dismissed and forgotten, is beyond outrageous. We go places, and do good things, and get shit on there, and at home, for it. I know full well we do bad things too, so, save it. What I'm talking about is the enormous effort in blood and treasure we expend, that comes from the common man, that IS good, and the end result is far from fair. And if South Korea, with their ill disguised hatred for us can't cut it defensively, TOUGH SHIT. It's way past time for our "allies" to do their part, and to either swim, or sink. We don't owe the world a living, and it's way beyond time for us to take care of ourselves. Want an example? There are a half dozen third world shit holes that have cleaner drinking water than we do, in Flint Michigan, thanks to taxpayer dollars. That's not a plan, except for self extinction. Fuck these people. When do we start taking care of our own back yard?

Chiu ChunLing said...

What we have is already an unmitigated disaster.

And a large part of the blame for allowing it to occur is the delusional mindset that even now implicitly suggests it could still somehow be mitigated or avoided.

Conservatives have been the opposite of leftists in many ways. One of the most pronounced is that, while leftists treat us to hysterical pronouncements of doom that never come to pass but are simply recycled periodically, conservatives correctly predict horrors but then fail to comprehend that they have already come to pass. The progress down the LGBT+ slippery slope is an example, ludicrous as it is obnoxious. All the insane consequences of increased permissiveness towards public sexual perversions are coming true faster than anyone thought possible, conservatives are still looking into the future and talking about what we must prevent rather than facing what we have already allowed to occur. The rise and regional ambitions of China and a resurgent Russia, the total destabilization of the Middle East, the economic catastrophe now unfolding...these are considerably less amusing and far more desperate.

But please, keep telling us about this unmitigated disaster that might occur if we don't somehow win the election against both Trump and Hillary by some wild scheme involving getting 15 electoral votes for a third party candidate while balancing the states won by the two major parties so that the House can pick the winner...cause that has no chance at all of plunging the country right into the open civil war that has become inevitable anyway.

Meanwhile, the rest of us will try to deal with the reality that is upon us, no matter how unpleasant.

Anonymous said...

Conservative and constitutional 3rd party? I'm in!

Comrade X

Anonymous said...

Better Trump than Clinton. Sometimes it takes a loose cannon to track and hit such an illusive but 'deserving to be wiped out' target as Hillary Clinton.

Bluesgal said...

I'm long past believing that a presidential election will "fix" things?

Anonymous said...

Who, among any candidate for any national office nowadays, would NOT be a mere puppet of the oligarchy? Sowell is obviously writing for the dumbed down masses or is, himself, one of them and believes his own crap. As to S. Korea, I think that if left to their own devices they'd disable anything the insane idiot to their north could throw at them with a mere flip of a very sophisticated switch.

Anonymous said...

I'll take unknown Trump chaos & tyranny over the known, admitted communists from the Democrats. Trump hasn't been party to murder & treason like that clearly exposed for Clinton. She's a serial criminal, pathological liar incapable of truth telling and a war mongering, murderous traitorous bitch that exceeds even the Fonda betrayals. She belongs in ASPS Lewis prison for the rest of her unnatural life, far far away from the WH, where she can no longer entangle our nation in Machiavellian schemes for her personal enrichment and power cravings.

I pray that on January 21st 2017 Donald Trump fires every Obama appointee in federal government and moves to purge the Social Security Administration, IRS, Homeland Security, TSA, ATF, FBI, CIA and USBP of every and any semblance of the Kenyan's meddling. He needs to rescind every EO and begin renegotiating every treaty and appeasement inked by the bastard islamic communist Obama.

Tough choices. Embrace the suck. Build your community.

Anonymous said...

A far greater danger would be if any Democrat was elected President!

- Old Greybeard

T. Paine said...


Anonymous said...

This article has caused a drop in my respect for Sowell. The status quo has to stop, as it has led us to the brink of disaster, at least as far as the working class man is concerned. The bilge pumps have failed and we're taking on water; a lot of it. The thing I look at as far as Trump is concerned, is that the old boys networks, the NWO/Bilderberger crowds, and the left sided bozos are scared to death of the man. That alone suits me to a "T". Considering the alternative, it's a no-brainer in my mind. Trump has my vote.

Doug Rink said...

Is it that Trump is so reckless, mean and ugly that leaves him the last man standing? Or is it that our political class is so weak and used to be protected and coddled that an entire field of the GOP's supposedly best and brightest all fell when faced by the unconventional challenge of the Trump campaign.

I don't fully know what to make of Trump, or his aspirations as president. But he's obviously not playing Washington's phony script that everything must be labeled Left or Right. Trump may even be pushing smokescreens of ideology aside to run a campaign anchored on pragmatism.

We know for a fact what kind of president Hillary Clinton would be. We know she aspires to stack the Supreme Court, we know she's set her sights on undermining the Second Amendment. She's said so. Talk of third parties or #NeverTrump tantrums play to favor a Clinton victory come November.

Pronouncing the Republic dead because Trump is the GOP's presumptive nominee is hyperbole. Settle down, and see how things move forward. More surprises, some that might even been categorized as Black Swans, likely await between now and votin' time.

Who knows. With GOP establishment in disarray, some in Congress may actually come to recall they're supposed to be there representig us, not the big party bosses. I know, I'm getting carried away. But there's an outside chance, right?

snuffy said...

If the inevitable is coming, no matter who we elect, then perhaps it's time to put the pedal to the metal, stop trying to postpone it, and vote for the Hildebeest, and let the fireworks begin sooner, rather than later. Unless Trump can make a real change. Just sayin'.

TheBohunk said...

"If a third party candidate could divide the vote enough to prevent anyone from getting an electoral college majority, that would throw the election into the House of Representatives, where any semblance of sanity could produce a better president than these two."

That is one heckuva gamble.

Anonymous said...

Ya got two choices, Marxist-A or Marxist-B OR Donald Trump. I ain't voting for any Marxist, EVER.