Saturday, May 21, 2016

Army has no plans to drop 'man' from combat job titles

The Army’s grunts and tankers will still be referred to as infantrymen and armor crewmen even as the service integrates women into these previously all-male specialties


Anonymous said...

That will change in due time given that political correctness has completely run amok in this country....count on it.

Case in point....a member of congress was ALWAYS known as and referred to as "congressman" its "congress woman" for those of the female sex.

Another case in point: "chairperson".

This country is completely fucked regarding political correctness and it will surely be its downfall.

Anonymous said...

Hillary gets in watch how fast this will change. The next Chairperson of the Joint chiefs will exercise her authority and ban the word"Man". Will require all new recruit to train in red high heels and do away with the 1st infantry division patch as it is obviously a male centric phallic symbol that will make Infantrypersons who identify as female uncomfortable.

Sean said...

They won't have to pass the PT test, LIKE THE MEN, they won't have to meet, or maintain the physical standards of combat, LIKE THE MEN, and they absolutely will not cut it in sustained combat, LIKE THE MEN, and they will not conquer and hold their ground in combat, LIKE THE MEN, so it is immaterial to me what they are called. They are not going to cut it, they are not going to succeed, and they are going to get people killed and lose battles, so it doesn't matter what you call them, because they are skirts, NOT MEN, and they don't belong anywhere near the battle field, so piss on them, from a considerable height. Combat is not a social experiment, and it is not a debate. But the leftists have as yet to discover this for themselves, and I think we should let them. And for all you eggheads out there, 90% of MEN are not fit for combat, physically, or mentally, or both. Ask me how I know.

Anonymous said...

War is absolute hell on all inhabitants of any environment, not just human beings. But that didn't stop our military from folding under pressure and adopting an all copper bullet to avoid spreading lead polution on the battlefield.

Be patient, the title of "Infantryperson" is just one lawsuit away from being tomorrow's news. Remember this is the FedGov that has threatened to withhold school funding from districts that do not adopt essentially unisex bathrooms.