Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Even the Squares are getting into this wacky Prepper swing

Prepping for Doomsday: Bunkers, Panic Rooms, and Going Off the Grid

Riding in on the zeitgeist, Realtor.com produced a mildly amusing fluff piece on prepping and the potential cash cows that are big and small "p" Preppers. Not that it is their fault, they just see the community in dollars and cents. It is to be expected, I suppose, that they have of neither a grasp on the question or the answer as to why people spend the money on the things they do.

Not wanting to bore you with going over the same information that any prudent person with a thimble full of prepping knowledge already knows, I did want to go over a couple points.

If you have the 200K+ to drop down on a whole panic room, I'm pretty sure you can swing a whole retreat. With food and water. And guns. And probably have enough left over to buy some friends to share it all with. Building a room with a very finite amount of resources in a high rise seems pretty short sighted to me. The question of "is this sustainable" should be pretty paramount to most everything you do that matters. I will add one caveat to this: only very rarely in history has a population seen Mad Max style blood in the streets. So planning for a widespread and total collapse of civilization actually does seem pretty far fetched. However, never in history did they have the threat of EMP's or designer germ warfare or any of the dozens of horrors that can be thought of to rip through the thin veneer of civilization. If you were dead set on "bugging in" due to you or a family member being unable to travel it is certainly better than nothing. I have seen discussions on the interwebs about digging your own saferoom in the foundation of a basement or other hidden structure. If you do choose that route, remember that OPSEC is your friend.

"Survivalists are also particularly hungry for metal containers they can convert into shelters and bury underground, as well as Quonsets, those steel, half-moon-shaped shelters that can be built into mountainsides, says Jake Crites, a real estate broker at Jake’s Old West Properties in Ashfork, AZ. He’s seen a big uptick over the past two years."

Let's think about those underground storage containers for a minute. It may seem like a viable option but you just cant plop one in the ground and call it a day.

How about those underground tanks? You might want to read this. Of course, it can also be done right so don't let that dissuade you.

No matter were you are in your prepping, I think we all can agree how expensive the "stuff" part of it can be.  The land and dwelling being the biggest expense by far is certainly not an easy decision.  I am not anywhere near being where I want to be, but everyday I move closer to the goal line.


Anonymous said...

All the rich have ever known is the "throw money at it" solution to any problem. Why would prepping be any different? To me, being stuck in a major city, safe room or no safe room, is sheer lunacy. It's like being a rabbit burrowed deep in your hole hoping a coyote can't dig that far down. But you can't expect much more from the type of person that has never had to physically fight to survive through any given situation. You gave it the right moniker - "a fluff article"; a good chuckle for serious people who understand serious things will need to be done in times of uncertainty..

Anonymous said...

I chuckled at the UST (Underground Storage Tank) link. PANIC. PANIC. PANIC. WE'S ALL GONNA DIE. YESTERDAY.
Then I looked at who printed that panic sheet, it was from the Sierra Club. As equally a nut environazi group as GreenPeace and SUWA (Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance).

If you want to do the underground storage tank for either caching or shelter, obviously you won't want a used one, as most have been used for toxic chemicals and are likely corroded through and will leak. D'UH!

B Woodman