Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Who will speak for you?

Go to the 9:55 mark for the wonderfully expressed comments on Mike by Mr. Brian Keith at the Boomershoot 2016 event.

He asks the very salient question, who has been your advocate for freedom?  In the absence of that person, who will stand for your freedoms?  And finally, when will you begin to stand for your own?

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Moe Death said...

Domino and I have stood for our own rights for quite a long time; Donmino her whole life, or at least from the moment she discovered Chiky-Stix.

However, there have been a few righteous individuals who have made me aware of how far one must go to ensure that those rights are not just available to me and that whiskey-stealing dog, but also for those who will come after us: our progeny, and friends' and compatriots' progeny and all who are still to come:

MVB (above all)
John Ross
Dave Codrea
Matthew Bracken
The Bielski Brothers
The Inventor of Chiky-Stix

Sorry, but Domino insisted on that last one. She says an army travels on its stomach, so...

I either need to lay off the Bushmills or stop talking to the damn dog...

Seriously, though, Mike has been a shining light of freedom to myself and countless others. I am so blessed that he is still among us. Treasure these times!

Bill and Domino