Monday, May 16, 2016

It was a bad day to be a Turk Cobra Pilot



RustyGunner said...

MANPADS and helos do not play well together.

Anonymous said...

"That's why I say "Hey man, nice shot"..good shot man..."

Anonymous said...

the PKK handing out an ASS WHUPPING to the Erdogan thugs!!! Glad they are kicking ass.

Maybe someday Americans will actually have the balls to take on our OWN thugs this way....but I doubt it. Never forget Lavoy Finicum, executed in cold blood in a roadside ditch,for being a Patriot.

Sign Me, Neal Jensen

Joe said...

Watch this export sales video for the Russian KA-52 Alligator attack helicopter.

You'll note that it has crew dual ejection seats at the 3:40 point.

I'm STILL amazed our helos DON'T.