Monday, May 9, 2016

Link from Mike: "China Will Probably Implode"

The question is will it happen before WWIII.


Anonymous said...

The Chinese economic implosion will likely CAUSE WW3, as the dominoes topple against each other, and every bankrupt nation points the finger(s) at every other equally bankrupt nation, saying, "HE / THEY caused it! We must go to war to protect ourselves!"

Well, the Chinese got one thing correct, in one of their (supposedly) ancient sayings, "May you be cursed to live in interesting times."

B Woodman

Chiu ChunLing said...

Economic collapse only strengthens the Chinese Communist Party's grip on power as long as they put the right propaganda spin on it. The Chinese people are many things...but they are not armed with military pattern weapons. Deteriorating domestic economic prospects dramatically helps ensure the ease of maintaining a large military while undercutting the argument for economic freedoms being maintained (which makes a career in the military even more appealing, making it easier to impose domestic constraints).

The only problem for the CCP would be if the economic collapse were only affecting China, allowing regional competitors to increase their technological edge over the course of decades, undercutting the core legitimacy argument of the CCP as 'defenders of China'. Unfortunately, that's a vain hope.

In other words, what is collapsing is all the institutions and mechanisms that would be necessary for a "peaceful rise" in cooperation with global economic partners. But nobody in the CCP ever believed that crap was anything more than a smoke-screen...countries committed to a peaceful rise and international cooperation don't need totalitarian domestic controls.

What isn't collapsing is the military and government...and that's where most Chinese will have no choice but to turn in coming years.

Anonymous said...

Obama Regime Works To Keep Guns From Many On Social Security Disability

One group at a time…

indyjonesouthere said...

The biggest wars in history always occur at the end of economic/financial collapses, not before the collapse. The social mood deteriorates in these collapses and finally shows up in fighting and wars. You need only observe US history to confirm this...the American revolution, civil war, and ww2. Economic collapse is occurring all across the world so the next big war should be a duzzy whether its a civil war or world war.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who wants to know what China is really up to needs to read "The Hundred Year Marathon". Available cheap/used on Amazon.