Sunday, May 29, 2016

Just wait until July 4th.

More to file under it is going to be a long hot summer.

Veteran Memorials Vandalized Prior to Memorial Day

"Memorials to veterans in a Los Angeles neighborhood and a town in Kentucky, as well as a Civil War veterans cemetery in Virginia, were damaged as the nation prepares to mark Memorial Day, officials said."

"In Virginia, the Petersburg National Battlefield has apparently has been looted, the National Park Service said. Numerous excavations were found at the Civil War battlefield last week, Jeffrey Olson, and agency spokesman, said in a news release Friday. Petersburg National Battlefield is a 2,700-acre park marks where more than 1,000 Union and Confederate soldiers died fighting during the Siege of Petersburg 151 years ago."

Jesus H. Tapdancing Christ, that is some sick shit.

"In Los Angeles' Venice neighborhood, the wall for missing veterans has been tagged previously, but the latest vandalism covers the bottom half of the memorial for much of its length."

"In Henderson, Kentucky, Jennifer Richmond, a spokesman for the Henderson Police Department, said the community is devastated and working frantically to repair and replace the crosses that were put on display for a Memorial Day ceremony in Central Park."

Yep.  Its going to be a long hot one this summer.


B-4 said...

Red Mist voting will be the refreshment, very soon. B-4

Anonymous said...

If it was private property I might care, but since it was state property that was created by money extorted by individuals under color of law, I could care less. Next subject ?

Anonymous said...

May not be long for some!

Sean said...

I admire what you're doing with the blog. I do respectfully ask you to not blaspheme the name of G*d in such a way in the future. I understand you are one of His followers. Please let that be evident.

Anonymous said...

The guy at the wall made a big mistake. He didn't just vandalize the wall, he tagged it. That is his signature and is known to others. Folks I know in the area are already on his ass. There are a lot of Latino vets, and they do not like disrespect to their fallen brothers.

Anonymous said...

Human trash caught doing these deeds should be found their in the morning.


Anonymous said...

By the way, second Anon. comment:

The expression is "couldn't care less", not "could care less". Think about it and you'll see why.

- Old Greybeard