Monday, May 30, 2016

How much is enough?

There was a bit of a lively discussion on the Sipsey Street Facebook page on how much ammunition was enough.  At the risk of getting into a philosophical argument, I was reminded of a story about my WWII vet Great Uncle and what he had by his front door in the wilds around Grand Haven, Michigan.

He placed an M1 grand and two bandoleers of ammunition by the door, presumably for snakes of the regular and two legged variety.  When he was asked as to why he had not just one. but two bandoleers to go with the rifle, he quipped that sometimes one is just not enough.

Got ammo?  Better yet, got training to go with that ammo?


Anonymous said...

Having distributed caches could also be useful for ammo and other critical supplies
rather than leaving it all in a single location.

Anonymous said...

“A man can never have too much red wine, too many books, or too much ammunition” -- Rudyard Kipling

Well, since you can never have too much, I guess your question has no real answer except in a very negative sense. Like if you run out in the middle of a firefight.

T. Paine said...

Ammo is like money-you can never have too much.

skybill said...

Hi Matt and Mike,
"How much ammo is enough???" Well, The answer to that question is forever timeless... If I may Quote:
"A man can never have too much red wine, too many books
or too much ammunition."
-Rudyard Kipling-

"'Nuff Said!!!!!"

Got Gunz..and ammo.......OUTLAW!!!!!,

Anonymous said...

Pallet quantities should do...

Unless if you are planning for larger numbers or lots of action or training -- then truckload(s) should be fine.

shadtach said...

Even David had more than one smooth stone.

George True said...

While more ammo is always better than less, I am reminded of what Tom Baugh, author of Starve the Monkeys said. When asked how much ammo he had, his reply was, "I have enough to get more". As much as it quietly enrages me that our government has stockpiled something like 1.5 BILLION rounds of ammo that is obviously intended to be used on all of us, I try to think of it in the perspective of the previously quoted statement by Mr Baugh. In other words, how convenient for us that our government has stockpiled massive amounts of .556 and .40 and 9mm, that is just sitting there waiting to be liberated by citizens such as us when the time comes. We have enough to get more.

Anonymous said...

How much? We always found in the Army that there were two types of folks. There were the ones that liked shooting. They would always claim they were really low or out of ammo and would get more. Then there were the ones that didn't like to shoot. They would always claim that they had too much. Heck they would offer to give some back. We figured out that the Army never really knew how much ammo a unit had.

Me? I figure I need "just enough" plus one more magazine.

MikeH. said...

If there were to ever come a time when ammo cannot be had by hook, crook, love nor money... you will certainly know how much is or is not enough.

Anonymous said...

If you have ammo left over after the firefight then you had enough.. if you didnt it might not matter.


Anonymous said...

If you have ammo left over after the firefight then you had enough.. if you didnt it might not matter.


What Firefight? A conventional firefight? With who?

Anonymous said...

10,000 rounds per gun, not caliber. Got it ?

Anonymous said...

Not interested in the 2nd amendment. Only interested in my god given rights. If we all were concerned with our god given rights, we wouldn't be in this slave position begging for privileges.

skybill said...

Hi Mike and Matt,
What "anymouse' said at 13:41hrs, is really good!!! Too bad he's "anymouse" he (or she) sounds like a cool person and has a good sense of humor!! With an attitude like that he..(or she) is welcome on all my Skydives and any other excursions I may be involved with the "Team!!"
Blue skies!!!,
Got Ammo!,

Anonymous said...

Gun control hypocrite Barack Obama allowed Secret Service to shoot armed man outside White House

When Barack Obama was an Illinois state Senator, he voted against allowing people in their own homes to use guns to protect themselves and their families from rapists and murderers.

However, as President, Obama allowed one of his Secret Service agents to shoot an armed man who was outside the White House.

In other words, Barack Obama is a gun control hypocrite.

Mile 66 said...

Well, Anonymous, you're talking about someone that has stated, and it's recorded: "I do think at a certain point you've made enough money". Proof-positive of abject ignorance.

Moe Death said...

Domino and I feel that you can never have enough ammo... or Chiky-Stix. Thankfully, the other side has agreed to carry more than we will ever need.

P.S. Please don't tell Domino that they don't carry Chicky-Stix...

Bill and Domino

Anonymous said...

Another foolish poster who opens his trap and lets everyone see how foolish they are.

Rights ARE privileges and privileges ARE rights, blowhard.
Privileges are NOT government allowed permissions, handouts or other gifts from almighty government. Privileges and immunities are what you CAN do by RIGHT and what government CANNOT do to you because you do. See that?

To demonstrate this, please take the time to read the 14th Amendment, rather than listen to the telemedia talking points shoved down your throat in public school.

Freed slaves, whites and black alike though admittedly heavily slanted on the darker skin tones, were not being their government allowed permissions. Indeed, they were being denied their RIGHTS - as spelled out quite clearly in our Constitution. In order to put that madness to rest, the 14th was crafted to be unambiguous and right to the point. Whether one attempts the positive rights or negative rights slant on it, privileges and immunities as a phrase addresses both.

Now, put it to the test will ya? Read the text itself and supplant rights with privileges and immunities, see it makes sense when you read it? Now, supplant permissions with privileges and immunities, see how it is relegated to abject idiocy? Yeah, thats because rights and privileges are synonyms, where permissions and privileges are not. Now, anonymous, apply what you have learned....ok? Privileges are not permissions, allowed by government, they are rights endowed by our creator. We are indeed privileged....but not by permission from government. See it yet?

Anonymous said...

My trap has wabbits in it.

Licenses & Permits - Delusional Claims That Rights Are "Privileges"

The 14th amendment actually makes slavery legal, you super silly. Rather than listen to the telemedia talking points that are emanating from your rear, maybe use a little critical thinking and a little elbow grease researching and our sophisticated slavery becomes embarrassingly apparent.

Drivers license, passport, tags, license plates, mandatory insurance, gas, food, property, state, federal taxes. If I had a right to travel, own property, you know, live my life with rights, I would not need to ask permission/beg for the privilege. If I had the right, then why must I beg master for the privilege ? If I do not pay the king to use his land, roads, animals, ETC... then I will be extorted, kidnapped, or possibly murdered under color of law for not paying tribute. Only the state owns property in allodial status. We slaves merely rent. Think you "own" the deed to your property. Negative, your name is under tenant, not owner. Another example of a privilege that the states so lovingly bestows upon us chattel. We have no rights in this country. The list encompass every facet of life.

Congress changed the word person right around the time the 14th amendment was allegedly ratified. i am an individual, a Human. I am not a person, a corporate entity, a straw man. The 14th amendment made us all corporate fiction, and made slavery legal for the state. Also anyone care to explain what the validity of debt shall not be questioned is REALLY all about?

Regardless, Because of the war of northern aggression, the united states congress ceased to exists. Congress Adjourns Sine Die March 27th 1861. Martial law under the liber code was instituted, the representation of several states was no longer in effect. The reconstruction amendments and the several following are all null and void.

Rights are inherent, handed down from god.
Privileges are what man bestows upon another man. Master>Slave.

Here are a few links that might shed some light on the subject, you silly billy !

Meet Your Strawman!

The Story of Your Enslavement

The Philosophy of Liberty

All Americans MUST WATCH! WE ARE ALL SLAVES How we are all caught in the fraudulent system

Anonymous said...

How much ammo is too much? There is two kinds, ammo to be used to preserve your life and the ammo used to practice to preserve your life. I dont any too much in either type. What is in apparent dire short supply is the courage to use the first kind of ammo to preserve both kinds of ammo.

Sign me, Neal Jensen