Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Aint that something - Alabama IIIpers on the Border

The Video and Story

Border Keepers: Alabamians travel 1600 miles to suppress drug trade, illegal immigration

"The Border Keepers of Alabama have traditionally focused their attention on Brownsville, Texas, an urban area that has been a hotbed of illegal activity, from human trafficking to drug smuggling. Recently, though, they say Border Patrol in Texas has made running ops through that area very difficult, if not impossible. In April 2016, they shifted gears, sending men for the second time to an op near Nogales, Arizona."
" Between four and ten men usually go on these trips, joining up with dozens of like-minded groups from across the country. They call themselves "three percenters," a reference to the three percent of soon-to-be Americans who fought in the Revolutionary War."

Sounds like these guys are making good account of themselves too.  Good on you guys.

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