Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Need link to good gunsmith in central Ohio

Have a family member who needs a couple of jobs done by a competent gunsmith in the Central to northern Ohio area. The first is the replacement of a front bead sight on a Mossberg 500 cylinder bore barrel. The second, requiring much more finesse, is the restoration of a rusty Ithaca Model 37 heirloom that was gifted by their grandfather. Not looking for a museum quality job, just recovering the weapon's utility. Anyone having experience with a good one, please email us at the George Mason address.


Andrew said...

GunEnvy in Columbus is a good one.
They actually machine their own AR lowers on site and do all but the Anodizing.
It's a Class 3 Manufacturer and Dealer that builds and sells guns.

One of the owners is from Ireland.

Good people.

Curmudgeon said...

LEPD on Bethel Rd. in Columbus has one, as does Blackwing in Delaware, not sure if they're up to what you're describing but I thought I'd throw this out there.

Chris Morton said...

You do realize that the Ithaca company has moved from New York to Upper Sandusky, Ohio? You might want to call them about the Model 37.

Jack said...

I would also vote for Ronnie Bianco of Boom Boom Tactical on the premises of LEPD.