Friday, May 6, 2016

Forwarded by Mike: From Herschel -- "Bidding Farewell To Politics"

It’s like watching an awful reality show or perhaps an interstate wreck at high speed. Donald Trump is an obscene, narcissistic, self serving, hateful, vengeful, grotesque, moral monster who hates anything that isn’t rewarding him for being him. He is the post-modern man, evolved past Sartre and Camus and (I suppose, finding emptiness) circling back to the pinnacle of self indulgence, Marquis de Sade. He is an awful man. I’ve repeatedly heard that Ted Cruz was born in Canada or wherever, or that he took a loan from such-and-such bank. The former issue never got any traction with me, and as for the later issue, so taking loans is now illegal or immoral? I have a loan on my house. So what? And as for Trump’s bankruptcies? That’s okay, because sadism is all about self indulgence at the expense of someone else.


Anonymous said...

I can't stand Herschel, whom I have found to be accurately described by himself, when describing Trump, above.

Chiu ChunLing said...

Donald Trump is a fake. He's a fake as a conservative, he's a fake as a Republican...he's even a fake as a politician at all. He's also a fake as the (imbecilic) moral monster he projects as a public image.

I am frankly untroubled by the thought of Donald Trump somehow becoming President. First, he doesn't even want to be President at all, the idea that he is itching to make himself some kind of dictator is merely laughable. Aside from Ben Carson, he is probably the least dangerous of the candidates to install in the Oval Office. If by some miracle he actually won the election (against his best efforts to lose, which will be truly heroic after having found himself the Republican nominee), he'll be too busy trying to pretend he's pursuing the ridiculous fantasy agenda posted on his campaign site (it makes for entertaining reading if you're feeling like a few good laughs) to do anything substantive. Third, if he somehow makes inroads on realizing the promises he's made, that wouldn't be a bad thing. Unlike the socialist fantasies of Bernie and Clinton, the problem is Trump's policies isn't that they would be disastrous if implemented but that the mere suggestion that implementing them is politically possible is laughable.

That leaves the question of whether electing such an obviously obnoxious and immoral boar might lower the dignity of the office (and hence America) in the eyes of the world. Could he? The suggestion that the American Presidency has any dignity left to lose strikes me as patently offensive. It fundamentally presupposes that Clinton and Obama weren't really so bad after all. I refuse to even entertain that premise. If Clinton and Obama weren't all that bad, then I positively want someone that is as much worse as can be found, because it's clearly opposite day in America.

None of this lack of concern about the notion of Trump becoming President means I derive the slightest hope from political forecasts or intend to waste time and effort persuading anyone (least of all myself) to vote for him. Trump is smarter and less deluded than anyone who even wants to be President of America at this point. But as amused as I am by watching his antics as he tries to escape the success of the satirical persona he's crafted, I'm not inclined to disregard the fundamental reason I'm not worried about Trump being elected.

Elections don't matter anymore, and the sooner people wake up to that reality, the better off we'll all be. If that requires that some people make out that Trump is really that much worse than what we've already gotten, so be it.

Anonymous said...

Barnhardt's axiom still applies: The fact that a given person is holding or seeking high-level public office is, in and of itself, proof that said person is morally and/or psychologically UNFIT to hold public office.

Not that Americans have any choice in the matter, but if given the choice, I would take the lesser of two evils. Americans will get what they deserve, but
nobody deserves another Clinton.


Anonymous said...

In spite of all that, he's gotta be better than Hillary or Bernie. So we had better all get to the polls in November and VOTE FOR TRUMP! If you stay home because you don't like Trump, you will definitely put Hillary or Bernie in the White House.

Those who didn't like Romney and stayed home in 2012 gave Obama his second term.

Get to the polls in November and VOTE FOR The Donald!!!

- Old Greybeard

Anonymous said...


"heard that Ted Cruz was born in Canada or wherever"

And he could not be bothered in the least to investigate. You know, because Rafael Eduardo Cruz is a constitutional eshpert, jes' like El Presidente Offal.

Loans from Goldman Sucks? Eh, not a problem to be considered either. Supported by insiders? Nope, nuttin' to see here folks.

Herschel, be gone with you.

Anonymous said...

I have issues with ted, but the issues mainly stem from his life partner and wife. Heidi has some serious baggage. Sorry, I'm not voting for someone who's wife is a career investment banker for banks whom "We the People" were on the hook for their bailouts due to the mismanagement of monies. I cannot vote for a man whose wife is a member of CFR and on the steering committee for the North American Union (NAU). Nor can I vote for a man who until 2014, held dual citizenship and renounced his Canadian citizenship to look like he's an "all American".

I look at ted and all I see is a used car sales man.

Anonymous said...

Those who didn't like Romney gave Obama his second term?
Maybe those who don't like progressives masquerading as conservatives can't with good conscience continue to vote for them.
Romney and McCain gave us Obama.
But better to vote in a progressive with R next to their name, right greybeard?

Anonymous said...

Hershel, what do you want us to do, vote for that piece of scum Hillary?

xtron said...

please do not drop out compleatly and sit home because you don't like either prez candidate. there is too much at stake in the down ticket races to let others have their way unopposed.
please go out and support the most conservative, and constitutional, candidate you can find at each of the city and state level. and if there is no conservative, think about running yourself. remember the local, and state politicins re the minor leaguers that move up in the future. let's get the right people on the road this election.

Moe Death said...

Domino and I refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils (okay, to be honest, Domino can't vote... she's here legally). So we decided to vote for Cthulu. Why vote for the lesser of two evils when you can vote for the ultimate evil?

This message was brought to you by Bushmills, which explains a lot...

Bill and Domino

James said...

Moe,despite your obvious reliance on Bushmills any who read and then actually use Lovecraft in a post can't be too dumb,see ya's in the mountains of madness when this really gets froggy.

Fred said...

Edward Snowden called this election weeks ago: Your 2016 choice is between Trump and Goldman Sachs. (Me? I'll take the uncertainty of Trump over the certainty of any of the others!)

And Herschel, are you bucking for irrelevance? If not, time to wake the f**k up re: the Cruz/Goldman Sachs connection. GS isn't called the vampire squid for no reason.

Ditto re: the CFR, which is globalism's central think tank/employment agency

I'm flabbergasted you'd gloss over those "details"...

johnnyreb said...

Trump is the worst possible candidate except for ALL the others who ran this year.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how many people just don't get it. You want Hilary? Because those of you sitting there pouting and telling us all how moral and pure you are and that you will not vote for the lesser of two evils and that Trump is masquerading as a conservative blah blah blah ARE saying you want Hilary. So do you? Or have you already decided that a civil war is inevitable so you'll stay home and guarantee that? I've never seen so many immature idiotic children in my life. Did you think a perfect candidate was going to step up? And so when he didn't, you just take your GI Joes out f the sandbox and go home? Trump is no worse than any that were up there (except Rand Paul) and certainly better than who is left. What purpose does it serve to stay home or to waste your vote on conscience? It doesn't. You want Hilary because you think it means you can gloat and say "I told you so". If that is what you think, you are despicable. Trump is a toad of a candidate and vulgar choice for such a venerated office as POTUS - but a Hilary presidency will destroy this country. 100% certain. Is that what you what? Your ego is worth that much? We probably will have a another civil war - skbwhatbgavecwe got to lose with Trump? He can be held accountable. He just might do what he says he will. Isn't that a much better roll of the dice than anything we will get from Hilary? Where the country is today grieves me but what really worries me us how many grown men are acting like spoiled little girls over Trump. It's Trump or Hilary and if you can't see a difference and don't feel compelled to do whatever is necessary to keep another Clinton out of the whitehouse, you don't deserve the freedom you have.


Anonymous said...

Voting for the lesser of two evils is nothing more than Death by a Thousand Paper Cuts. Trump will not shred the constitution; THAT has already been done.

A thousand times we have asked our politicians, "would you want the most evil person in the world to have this new power you're stealing?" And their answer was always, "We'll be fine, this guy is my friend!" The lesser of two evils is always somebody's friend.

Trump will either be the best thing ever, or the worst thing ever. He'll either be a fantastic king, or a horrible king. Either way, he will do nothing but use the powers we allowed our politicians to steal from us. He'll either use them as a good king, or bad.

And you can bet your ass, with any luck, he'll be all the incentive people need to neuter our feral, lawless government, and take our unlawfully stolen powers back.

Voting the greatest of all evils is some times a good bet.

Mr. Moore said...

I'll go with Trump. And I was starting lean away from him, then the attacks on Trump started, and ya gotta say "Huh, what's this?"

Trump is the only candidate that has actually created jobs, thousands of jobs, and signed paychecks.

He is self funding, up to this point.

He says he can "work with Russia, they should be our friends", rather than the current direction we are heading in with Russia. Which seems to be leading to war. They are not on our border, we are on theirs. I notice no Congressmen have been sending their sons off to fight lately.

Trump is also talking about our debt. Hillary certainly isn't.

If Trump can do a 10% of what he is talking about, it will be 100% more than what our current crop of elected officials are doing.

And frankly, Justice would be served if Hillary were holding the bag when the debt explodes. I think Trump if elected, would get the blame for decades of waste, corruption, debt, and gov failures on so many fronts.

oughtsix said...


Amen. Pouting little girrrrls. Eeeewwww! Icky! Hike up their skirts and run awaaaayyyyy...........

Trump is the thumb in the eye of the establishment, which has been sticking it to us in another part of the anatomy for fifty, sixty, a hundred and fifty years! (pick one.)He is the coal mine canary, the symbol of the awakening of a f@(#*d over, fed up American people, tired of the lies, hypocrisy and being told to sit down and shut up.

If they deny him the nomination through Machiavellian machinations, if he is murdered, before, during or after assuming office, very few sentient beings will be able to avoid the reality that America is FUSA.

If he survives and does the tenth part of what he says he wants to do, that will be a win beyond our wildest hope. If he gives a voice to those of us who value all that the left seeks to destroy, makes it OK to say FU to political incorrectness, immigration and all the rest of the detritus, that too will push back the much referenced "Overton window," and which of you thought that would ever happen?

As to Trump, the egomaniac dictator, CONgress will likely hinder, impede and stymie most anything he tries to do, unlike the Chinese gymnastics they perform to accommodate Obama.

If all that is made moot through riots, Alinskyite tantrums, ponzi implosion, or any wide spread societal melt/grid down ...?

Civil war, with a purpose, conviction and vengeance impossible right now.

If Hilligula is "elected," civil war is inevitable and likely right now. She's openly floating confiscation, a topic the dems have lost many an election on. She's so arrogant that she thinks that not only will she win, but that she can do whatever she pleases. And she'll pack the Scrotus beyond two generations and it really will be all over. CONgress will then be totally irrelevant, not that they're much use now.

Last chance to cast a vote that counts, not for all that you might support on principle, but simply for those choices listed above. That's what's at stalk, and all there is.

Besides, wouldn't you just love to see her have a heart attack during a spitting, frothing hissy fit on election eve when required to concede defeat?

That might just be the most rational reason of all to vote for The Donald.

PNW_DPer said...

I'm with johnnyreb on this one.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:53 pm - agreed! How many people were looking at Obuma's birth certificate with a fine tooth comb but are ready to let "Lyin' Ted" slide on where he was born. If he's the strict constitutional originalist he says he is, he should have disqualified himself on those grounds alone.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Trump is a fake. Unfortunately the people who support this man are (divinely) blinded to this fact and for good reason. They think a politician is going to fix our problems and everything will be peaches and cream. NOT. America is going to suffer and suffer more than any other time in history. You don't do the things this Federal Government, State Government and politicians have done and expect to get away with it with out consequences. Contrary to popular belief, GOD STILL is in control.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I forgot to mention, your votes are USELESS. The powers that be have already chosen. The best thing to do right now is to be prepared for what's coming ,both materialistically and more importantly, spiritually.

Happy D said...

Anon at: May 7, 2016 at 5:19 AM
If I had a dollar for every Trumpeteer who brought up Cruz's Canadian mother but said nothing for seven years about the mighty Kenyans 1.Kenyan father, 2.Promotional booklet that stated he was born in Kenya, 3.Birth certificate, or 4.Sealed college and other records that most likely prove he claimed foreign student status for financial benefits, I would have my chauffeur drive me in my gold plated Rolls-Royce a limo to each of their houses and slap them!
And I have little trouble voting for Trump. I might even get enthusiastic about him.

Anonymous said...

I've been calling this the Ghostbusters ("choose the form of the destructor") election, but it's really a Romans 1:28 election: You'd have to work awfully hard to find minds more reprobate than those two.

johnnyreb said...

Ya know, I spend hours every day perusing the interwebs. NEVER have I read where a Trump supporter has claimed that the Donald is capable of nor is going to solve all of the problems we face. But he has exposed the rats in congress for what they are, thieves and liars, and he threatens their hold on power and money. He has exposed the illegal immigrant issue when ALL the others were scared to do so. And if we don't stop the migration/invasion of America-hating latinos, samolians, and arabs, we won't have a country to worry about for long anyway. They are in the process of racially homogenizing all western/majority white contries on the planet! And it's been going on for at least 40 years!

I was frankly on the fence on the beginning; really expected it to be Cruz, the only one at the time I thought had a chance to beat Cankles, and would have been fine with that.

Then along came Glenn Beck (and BTW I was at 1 time a staunch Beck defender and listened to him from his early days on local radio in Tampa)and Rafael Cruz with the ranting about Ted being the anointed one, and practically the second coming. And Ted embraced it! All of a sudden he turned into a cross between Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart. Wife part of Goldman, member of CFR, pushing for NAU, open borders, lies about campaign loans, NO THANKS.

So is Trump an ass at times? Yep. So am I. Does he say things that don't come out right? Yep. So do I. Has he ever changed his mind about anything? Sure. SO HAVE I, AND SO HAVE YOU. He has a beautiful family that are smart, respectful, successful, he is loyal to those who are loyal to him. Never threw his campaign manager under the bus, stuck by him. Who else in the race would have done that? NOBODY.

As I said.................he is the worst possible candidate..except for all the others. So quit whining, stop looking for an absolutely PERFECT candidate ( there ain't one) and think about the damage the Arkansas whore can do for multiple generations with 3-6 SCOTUS appointments.

Anonymous said...

Trump is Jiggling the handle on the DC Toilet.

Anonymous said...

OK, let's try and figure this out.

Trump says he'll bring the machinery back from China, Build a wall between Mexico and us to keep out the illegals and terrorists that cross every day. He says he'll stop the Muslims from coming into the US. He's going to rebuild the military and fix the VA.

He's following the pattern set by our Founders. They wanted citizens to take a couple of years off work and govern. He's doing that.

The Demorats, Republicrates, Muslims and Illegals hate him. His list of individuals that hate him matches mine.

What's not to like about Trump?

I'm 71 years old and have been manipulated by politicians for over 40 years. Finally, a citizen comes forward with promises to fix what's wrong with the country. Why wouldn't I believe him? I fell for all the BS the politicians fed me.

As for staying home, over 3 million Christians stayed home because they couldn't vote for a Morman. As a result, we got a two term Muslim.

You folks who threaten to stay home? FXXK You! You're part of the reason we've in this mess!


0007 said...

As I have said on several other blogs, the choice comes down to being between a crook and a crooked-thug.
Now think about it. A crook probably won't bother the average guy too much unless said guy sticks his head(and his goods) up too high; whereas a crooked-thus may have had a bad day and is just looking to kick the ass of whoever just happens to be walking past him(or her).. And let's face it, Hillary has been having a lot of bad days for a long time.