Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Trust my son to ask the question that gets to the cosmic truth about Mark Pitcavage.

Mark Pitcavage, ADL attack blimp.

Having read the post below, my son Matt writes from Germany this single line in response:

"How can you expect a guy who has not seen his penis since the Fonz was cool, to find truth in anything?"


Anonymous said...

Personally I thought the neckbeard was the first sign of his shortcomings.

Anonymous said...

"How can you expect a guy who has not seen his penis since the Fonz was cool, to find truth in anything?"

I do not imagine he has been able to see his feet recently, either. This makes it all the more important that he should watch carefully where he steps.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Geeeez, what size harpoon do you need for something this size?

Tvarisch said...

I honestly can't say if there are any Jews who are not hardcore leftists, but if there are, they should be running like mad to distance themselves from scumbags like this, who are nothing more than Marxist apparatchiks. When TSHTF, and the world descends back into hell for another few years, it wouldn't do to be on the wrong side of history.

TC said...

Is it just me or is that carbon footprint too dang'd big?

ParaPacem said...

I know you're proud of your boy for so many reasons, and I am grateful to him for serving his country, too. In keeping the Yin/ Yang balance of things, the superbly gifted, occasionally rambling and most amiably loquacious father and the concise, blunt and piercingly brief son, complement one another.

Just as a personaly thing, I never disparage anyone's appearance;
BUT one word of warning - lest anyone call you both rumor-mongers.
It has never been proven that Pitcavage actually has a penis; the lack of balls would seem to incline this viewpoint.
Just thinking out loud.

Anonymous said...

Ever wondered how it is someone couldn't get out of there own way?
Wonder no more!
Looks like he would bleed gravy.....mthead III

Bigfoot said...

Oh, man.

'Sparky' Pisscabbage is still around?
The self-appointed "Militia Historian" with the mail-order diploma?

I remember stomping his sorry carcass on many occasions back in the days of Usenet. First time I've ever seen a picture of him... oddly enough, the mental image of him that I've had all these years is disturbingly close to reality.