Monday, November 2, 2009

NRA General Sebastian Snowflake explains latest defeat in the Lairds of Fairfax' fighting retreat from principle.

General Sebastian Snowflake, Chief Apologist, er, ah, Public Information Officer, for the Grand Army of the Lairds of Fairfax, Electronic Battlespace Division.

(NOTE: It is important to remember in the grand scheme of things that this kerfluffle means exactly dick. However, given the evident discomfiture and crawfishing by the NRA and Sebastian over the exploding cigar which is the 23rd Congressional District of New York, I couldn't resist. ;-) -- MBV)

First, we have this announcement:

November 01, 2009

GOP ex-candidate endorses Democrat in NY race

The Associated Press

A day after Republican state Assemblywoman Dierdre Scozzafava abruptly suspended her campaign for a New York congressional seat, she announced Sunday she's endorsing the Democrat in the race — not the Conservative Party candidate favored by fellow Republicans.

Of course, most will remember that Chris Cox of the NRA/ILA endorsed Scozzafava with these words:

Based on your tested and proven record in the New York Assembly, as well as your responses to our federal candidate questionnaire, you have earned an “A” rating from the NRAPVF. On November 3, we urge our members, gun owners and sportsmen in New York’s 23rd congressional district to vote for you for Congress.

Now David Codrea here with comments entitled "Hell Hath No Fury" and Peter at WRSA here with trenchant observations about "shark jumping" heap deserved scorn upon the NRA's cynical miscalculations (called "pragmatism" by its defenders).

Of course my first reaction was curiosity about just what Sebastian at Snowflakes in Hell might have to say. One of his posters, one DirtCrashr,

commented last night:

And now Scofazzile has endorsed the Democrat. Some kind of Republican, huh?

To which Sebastian stoutly rejoined, very early this morning:

Sebastian Said,

November 2nd, 2009 at 12:37 am

What are you going to do, though, Jessup? If someone has a record of supporting you, are you just going to tell them to fuck off and support some unknown upstart when they seek higher office? Are you just going to cynically stay out of the whole process?

Like or it not, American politics comes to a plurality/majority liking one loser over another loser/losers. You can either get angry about that, or figure out a way to play that system to the benefit of the things you believe in. That will mean that sometimes you back a lame horse.

Politics is a whole lot like gambling. Sometimes your hand will lose, but as long as you win more than you lose, you can keep moving forward and stay in the game.

There. Now you know the logic. Which begs the question: How many of these contests has the NRA won lately? But nevermind, the point is to stay in a losing game. The Lairds of Fairfax, faced with defeat once more, will without evident shame try to "do a deal."

Thus history will record, the NRA's long, bloody "pragmatic" fighting retreat from principle continued while the real battle for liberty was left to others.


Dakota said...

An A+ rating doesn't mean "dick" anyway Mike. The NRA gave Tim Johnson (D) SD an A+ rating also. He then turned around and voted for a Supreme CT. Justice that is anti gun. What a mess.

ParaPacem said...

For several weeks my life in general has been Hell, but now I get a series of belly laughs from this article.
Sebastian seems to be a true master of satire! Unless you think he was serious?????
If you DO think he was serious, one can only imagine him advising the Jews in the death camps - "What, you're wanting American and English troops to liberate you? They may be worse than the Nazis, for all you know - the USA is some upstart of a country, not an established nation like Germany. Better stay with what you know, stay here in the camps, work hard, the Nazis are reasonable, they want to work WITH us. Send those Allied troops away!"
As for the NRA, I dropped out of that group when they started betraying principle in the name of pragmatism, becoming Judas goats by choice. I expect them to merge with ACORN soon, so that we can all put our slight differences aside and move ahead, playing the dead man's hand.

Concerned American said...

Sure would be nice if one of the smart folks here could photoshop NRA's Wayne LaPierre's head onto that picture of Fonzie in the WRSA blog entry:

NRA Jumps the Shark

It would be my new NRA icon.



Anonymous said...

And here we have the consummate proof that our system is totally broken.

We do not have a "two party" system, but rather ONE party ("The Government Party") with two branches.

Many decades of history have proven that our periodic exercise in futility (aka "elections") decide only whether the next period will result in small "baby-steps" or giant leaping bounds toward totalitarian-statism. The direction is clear, the question only one of speed.

I know that I am not alone in the fact that throughout my entire adult life I've never been given the option to vote for a proper Conservative candidate for national office, instead being forced to choose "the lesser evil" every time.

As comedian Bob Goldthwait once said, stepping into a voting booth is like being dragged to the "adult novelty" store at gun-point. The question is not "which one do I want" but rather "which one of these dildos is likely to cause me the LEAST amount of pain?!" We cannot vote for something we like, we must vote against the bigger dildo every time.

Make no mistake: we are now - and have been for many decades - engaged in an undeclared civil war. The outcome of this war will literally determine whether this great Republic will stand or fall.

Those who aid and abet The Enemy are just as guilty of treason as any who aided the enemy in the last "cold war" against communism.

Sadly, The Government Party has created a situation where it is nearly impossible for any "third party" to gain any significant traction, thus helping ensure that meaningful change cannot be accomplished through the soap-, ballot- or jury-boxes.

The remaining question then becomes whether the citizens of our great Republic will awaken while it can yet be saved.

God help us - and God Save Our Republic!

suek said...

This seems to be a decision made on the basis of "record" vs "no record". Ok... fair enough. But doesn't it occur to anyone to _talk_ to the "no record" guy?

"record" means past political career. "no record" means no past political career - meaning new blood. So the NRA doesn't support new blood?

Mighty oaks from little acorns grow - it's a good idea to find out where those acorns come from - because one of these days, some of those little acorns will be oaks in congress. It's a good thing to _know_ their roots.

The NRA didn't do its homework.

Anonymous said...

Politics is a whole lot like gambling.--Sebastian

The object of gambling is to defeat your opponent. The purpose of politics is to peacefully settle conflicts. The failure of politics leads to war, which has as its object the defeat of an opponent.

As such, the goal of gambling has more in common with war than politics.

It is difficult to see how an intellectual light-weight such as Sebastian came to be admired as a Second Amendment apologist.


Anonymous said...

I mailed this letter to the NRA this AM: I have been a Life Member for over 25 years. After watching the NRA's slide into pragmatism and compromise, the "pass" for senators that voted to confirm Eric Holder, and now the "A" rating for Dede Scozzafava, I have determined that I can no longer support or be associated with the NRA. Effective immediately, I am resigning my membership. When the NRA decides to uncompromisingly support the Second Amendment, I'll be back. Until then, the GOA needs my money.

God bless you for your good works. III

Anonymous said...

When people care more about the party then the do about upholding the Constitution of the United States, they will find themselves in the position in which we find ourselves now. The NRA showed it's true colors long ago. Those that apologize for them, like Sebastian, don't care anything for the Constitution of the United States.

Anonymous said...

"sometimes you win"? In NRA/Snowflake-speak, that means if the beast doesn't take any more liberties, it's viewed as a win. How is that winning? We aren't gaining any of the lost liberties back. That is insane and at this juncture in our history, it is dangerous. We do not need any more deluded fools like Snowflake or the NRA.

The beast has taken liberty, a small sliver at a time, and conceding an occasional point to make us feel like we are "winning" is no skin off the beast. He is patient. Next time, or time after that, the beast will get another sliver. And another. And another, until there are none left. And people like Snowflake are left wondering how we won all those battles and still lost it all to a totalitarian hell.

Their biggest problem is they believe the fallacy that government grants our rights. If Mr. Snowflake truly understood the nature of our Republic, he wouldn't say such foolish things and he wouldn't be so eager to negotiate with the beast. The beast had no power but what was granted it.


Weaver said...

It is way past time that the nra becomes nothing more than a mention in the history books. These people who say they represent you are no better than the average politician, they have grown a second face and are speaking out of both. There are several other groups who truly do represent the gun ownwer. As far as I'm concerned having an nra membership should be an embarrassment.

Weaver III
Born free and will die free

Luke (alias "Lines With Chrome") said...

Politics is a whole lot like gambling. -Sebastian

Yup, because whether it's Vegas or DC, in the long run, the "house" always wins.

jon said...

motivational poster:

"politics is gambling"

"hey, it's other people's money."

jon said...

"Sure would be nice if one of the smart folks here could photoshop NRA's Wayne LaPierre's head onto that picture of Fonzie in the WRSA blog entry"

just FYI, in case anyone was going to start this, i just finished mine and put it here.

Paul W. Davis said...


Sebastian is an idiot - he can't help himself.

Anonymous said...

Ignorance can be cured, but STUPID is forever.

Tvarisch said...

I knew long ago that the NRA had become just another bunch of snots who had figured out that they could get a nice salary out of our membership dues while doing exactly nothing to protect our rights.

straightarrow said...

If the sonofabitch wasn't so dangerous in his disguise, I would feel sorry for Sebastian. But, then again, I always feel sorry for cowards. They die every day and must reinvent themselves, every day. Unfortunately, for Sebastian and others like him, their cowardice will not allow them to actually achieve anything approaching manhood, or even principled personhood. (not wanting to leave the ladies out).

Sebastian is a coward in service to a cowardly and greedy organization. The only way I wouldn't piss on him is if he was on fire.