Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Virgil Caine responds to survivalism and "Us versus Them."

Hi Mike,

From my perspective and having worked with resistance movements in the past and currently doing so in the REDACTED theater my points are as follows:

I see the III per’s as the force multipliers of their given AOR. They are the ODA, if you will, the A-Detachment of their local area. As you are aware resistance movements are generally comprised of three elements; Guerrilla Force, in our case the militia; the Auxiliary which are your service and support troops as well as your local tactical reserve, and the Underground which is generally comprised of in-place agents and those who live day to day amongst the occupying forces and service intelligence collection requirements etc the Underground element also generally houses the political wing of the resistance movement.

Our three per center’s are by and large focused on militia level tasks (understandably not true of all of the individuals involved) and many of them seem comfortable in that realm. Considering that many of the “units” have been in existence since the 90’s they should have their TTP’S down to the point where they can teach others in the future and in some cases support newly recruited resistance/guerrilla force members.

Survivalism for the sake of survival is pointless. In my mind surviving is part of force protection. You must preserve your force so that it can fight when needed and attain your strategic goals. That means feeding, sheltering, training, providing medical care, as well as buoying morale etc. In that sense many of the survivalist type skill sets are important though more so to your Auxiliary and Underground element than to your guerrilla’s. We want our guerrilla’s training to fight. We want our Auxiliary and Underground units prepping food, loading ammunition, gathering intelligence, governing their local areas politically, running hospitals/medical care, teaching and more or less running the underground society.

A collapse is a collapse and we must be poised to fill the gap caused by what will be in some cases a lack of governmental authority, services etc and in others be prepared to shadow govern until we overtake the enemy. We must control our areas of responsibility/area of operations and we aren’t going to let criminal gangs, enemy forces and/or disparate elements dominate our terrain. In the words of an old rebel…”yer either with us or again’ us”

In my humble opinion local militia units, operating with political allies and service and support elements must be prepared to recruit, train, and lead those not yet committed to the fight. We must also keep in mind our end state which is the re-establishment of the constitutional republic. This means keeping our future political forces honest and on task. We don’t want to exhaust ourselves during the fighting to have achieved victory, which we will, and then have the political movement take us down the wrong road. We also don’t want our war fighters governing.

Lastly, our force multipliers should have established liaison officers/elements that are currently interfacing with third party political movements, service and support personnel such as local doctors, engineers, IT personnel and the whole gamut of service and support personnel that are going to be required to run a resistance movement. The LNO individual or element doesn’t need to out himself. He can involve himself with the individuals or entities as needed though an established relationship will be easier to capitalize on in the future when you show up at the local doctors and tell him you need his services.

Overall survival and survival related tasks are important to our movement though they are a complimentary skill set not the be all, end all of what we do and why we exist. I’m not into surviving. I’m into victory and re-attaining our constitutional republic!

I’ve rushed this and hope it’s not convoluted.

Virgil sends…….

LATER, from Virgil:

Thanks, if I need to clarify anything and/or add some depth to it let me know and I will. Again, I appreciate the anonymity. We plan on addressing these issues . . . in the future and as we post the information I will share with you so that you can reach your readership and in that way we’ll be able to get more people prepared and more importantly ACTING! We need to instill in people that we are in conflict NOW.

Everyone is getting ready. Ready for what?

We are currently in conflict with leviathan. Granted it’s political for the most part and information operation/psychological operation related though it will go kinetic soon enough. I am NOT suggesting that anyone jump the gun and precipitate offensive action as like you I believe we can’t have a Ft Sumter. We need to act with moral authority when we do act and we don’t possess that authority just yet…it will come as the statists can’t control themselves and they will revert to violence to achieve their ends. This will be their undoing.


Tvarisch said...

He's right on the money, and it's all classic guerrilla warfare SOP. I have a copy of Von Dach's Total Resistance, which was a bit dated in some ways, and not fully applicable to our situation due to the fact that it was written as a Swiss manual of resistance to a Soviet invasion, but the organizational structure is the same. There are action groups, support groups, and individual operators, who may be supported or not. We must each know as much as possible about the necessities of survival in an enemy occupied territory, because that's where we are living right now; the illusion of normality is just holding on for a bit.

Anonymous said...

Damn right.

If I thought it would do any good, I'd gladly be first up the hill, but I know better.

It would be REALLY good if you could also throw in some info for REMFs like me - I'm sure I'm not alone in that I have no problem hitting helmet-sized targets at ranges well beyond the effective range of an M-4, but can't really walk more than a couple hundred yards. Grouchy young cripple - that's me...

Sure would be nice to be able to focus on something I could do...

Anonymous said...

Caine is dead on, there are round holes, square holes, rectangular holes, and so forth. In order to solve the puzzle, match the right peg to the right hole, plug all the holes.


Larry said...

I'm in.

Anonymous said...

"we must be poised to fill the gap caused by what will be in some cases a lack of governmental authority, services etc"

The rebels will recreate the BATFE, in order to service you. Must impose order. Can't let any of those non-only-ones have full autos, or unlicensed doctoring for cash, or recreational drugs, or illegal alien employees.

"In the words of an old rebel... "yer either with us or again' us""

Yes, that's how many rebels think. How about this idea? There won't be just one tyrannical government, which falls apart and is replaced by peace. Instead, there will be a series of ever-smaller tyrannical governments, as every barbarian who wants to make a go of collecting "taxes" and living off them is killed during a home invasion. Civilization won't just fall, it will fall, and bounce, and fall...

Anonymous said...

"We also don’t want our war fighters governing."

Better get over this AUTHORITY apparatus mentality of network establishment. If they give consent to fight with you, that consent can be taken away and leave you hanging. Think more of independent operating cells sharing info than rank and file. You won't fight and beat a leviathan by becoming a smaller leviathan. It's a lot easier to be infiltrated if you are big. And better get used to the fact that some people may not give a rats derriere what titles you've held before. There is going to be a lot of clans with long term trust bonds that will do things their own way whether you like it or not. And they are not going to let you in easily. A better objective would be a communal statement of purpose and network establishment for method tactic support and aggregated intelligence.

Uncle Lar said...

For a bit of light reading I recommend "The Secret Freedom Fighter" by Jefferson Mack. Should be available from Paladin and other such sources. It gives an alternative scenario where one can cause no end of mischief on your own with no or at least very limited association with other like minded for the oppressors to track you by.
Not saying this is preferred to organized resistance, but in some cases may be the only way to fight back and still survive.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Lar said...

For a bit of light reading I recommend "The Secret Freedom Fighter" by Jefferson Mack...

Anonymous said...

I have come to the conclusion that open source insurgency is the way to go. I was not involved in the militia movement in the 90's but I watched it. I have been watching it as the current crisis unfolds. Its unworkable in its current state. Take a gander at AWRM. That site is rife with good intentions but they could not organize a bake sale if their lives depended on it. There is too much suspicion and lack of trust to even meet to discuss a later meeting. They are suffering an identity crisis. The old guys have the hearts and plans wrapped around the idea that they are going to run to the hills Red Dawn style and fight the Government / Blue helments by living in the woods. They are consumed by this idea and plan accordingly. They drive the movement since they have been in it the longest and have the resources to push this plan. The great debate is how to organize the militia nationwide. There are standards that were published that move toward this.

Guys this is the wrong direction. Reality is much more local. I will be Un-PC and say this We need to follow the Al-Queada model. AQ is an open source movement. They publish their ideas, they publish their methodology and training. They collect the cash. Then they match up idea men with trained groups to execute those ideas and they front the cash. They do not build armies and large groups, feed cloth and take care of them. They have training camps that do this but only while the trainees are there. Once they train individual groups those groups go off and take care of themselves until they are called into action. Some groups only receive cash grants from AQ to operate or only receive material support. This is their model and it is effective. We should emmulate it. We should build a corp group of threepers who come together train, develope methodologies and tactics, and obtain donations for funding. Once this is done we seek out other groups that already exist and we charge them to come to our training camp. Not a lot just enough to cover expenses. We train them one group at a time and build the network from there.


parabarbarian said...

PDF of The Secret Freedom Fighter can be found at:

Anonymous said...

A tacid reminder that the fit has already hit the shan. (The leftists have the power)

Not to worry, it's an evolving sort of leviathan and there is plenty more poop yet to be distributed to the prop...

Prepare, train, be patient but active and be ready to adapt, improvise and overcome.

Bob Katt

Tvarisch said...

If you aren't combat capable due to age or condition, such as poor eyesight, bad knees, or what have you, there are many non-combat functions that require brains and guts. Older people are better suited for tasks that require intelligence, patience and self-control, such as gathering information, keeping watch, enciphering and deciphering code, etc.. Resistance members will need safe houses, transportation, clothes, food, and medicine, all of which will have to be provided by someone. Few people stop to think that in the Army, for every combat soldier, there are nine or ten support troops keeping them mission-ready. Everyone can play a part.

Happy D said...

Anonymous the REMF

"Sure would be nice to be able to focus on something I could do"

First read Improvised Munitions, Inc.

I can sympathize with your plight to well.
So ask yourself what can you make or maintain?
Can you provide for others?
Care for the sick or injured?
Hobble up on your cane to a Brightfire employee pathetically smile, and you finish the story line.