Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fort Hood

There is much more I want to know about the details of the Fort Hood attack. For now, let me make these observations:

1. Although the state-run media and our man-child president have not mentioned the fact, the attackers were both muslim and American soldiers.

2. This means that they don't get to go to Guantanamo, but to Leavenworth awaiting execution.

3. Wretched Dog called me in the middle of this and expressed the opinion (that I have also long held)that he is sick and tired of the politically correct BS of counting the killers as part of OUR body count. If the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor again, today's media would lump their casualties in with ours. This moral equivalency crap gives us both gas. How about y'all?

4. Where does the FBI get the idea (which they expressed early on) that this "is not terrorism"? Really? Whatever gave them that idea?

5. From a friend who has a son in the MPs at Fort Hood (but who fortunately was off duty and off post this afternoon) comes the news that the MPs were tasked to look for "Middle Eastern types" during the incident. This was the first clue I had that we were seeing the results of the same death cult that carried out Mumbai, 9/11 and every other attack on Western Civilization here lately. Note they weren't looking for Norwegian Lutherans.

6. If the attackers had been "Christian Identity" types, does anyone reading this doubt that their religious beliefs, no matter how sick and twisted, would not have been trumpeted by the state-run media?

7. The blood-dancers of the Brady Bunch, et al, will no doubt trot out their latest ghoulish hula about "gun control." Ignoring the fact, of course, that these were the same "Only Ones" who in their world are to be trusted with a "monopoly of violence." What is the logic, by the way, of making our soldiers sitting duck targets on their own bases by forbidding them weapons, governmental or personal? If the war they have enlisted to fight in is 360 degrees, 365 days a year and subject to no truces whatsoever, why shouldn't they be allowed to be armed instead of being crammed into a huge victim disarmament zone? Does anybody else see the wickedness of this?

Finally, let us pray for the victims and their families. These were soldiers killed in the line of duty by an insidious enemy.


PS: And if one of you anarchist shits gives me any grief about how they deserved it for being "imperialist storm troopers," I'm going to track down your IP address and real name and post them. I'm in no mood for your ideological purity right now.

No mood at all.


Anonymous said...

amen Mike

Anonymous said...

Just had a caller here in Denver on a talk radio show ... it was Bush's evil foreign policy that made him do it was her main line. What a crock of shit.

I hate the evil Obamination and all that he and Pelosi stand for and all that they are trying to do. Yet do I go out and kill because of it? No. Idiot liberals. Any chance to bang Bush and they will take it.

Then there was the next caller -- we can't trust handguns in even the military's hands.

Somebody please tell me this is all a bad dream?

W W Woodward said...

More victims of a "gun free" zone.


Steve K said...

The shooter is alive. He was previously reported dead. Very interesting development.

jon said...

What is the logic, by the way, of making our soldiers sitting duck targets on their own bases by forbidding them weapons, governmental or personal?

the revolutionary war was won without so much as a uniform, let alone a code or manual.

in other words: no logic whatsoever, just the illusion of logic. age of reason logic.

this is just another way in which politics marginalizes the sheepdogs. it's sick and sad when the failure points finally get a real-world test.

ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ said...

Mike and all,
The facts are still unfolding at this time (21:44 EST) and we learn that the single shooter is "wounded in stable condition".

1 The shooter was a career major and lifetime muslim.

2 The attack was NOT terrorist in nature as the victims (casualties) were all military. This incident therefore qualifies as an act of war perpetrated by an adherent of the muslim faith.

3. As you point out, this is another instance of the enemy availing himself of a "weapons free" zone as personal defense weapons are prohibited to non deployed personnel on military installations.


Anonymous said...

Our situation when it comes to National defense is a tragedy. There isn't a single military installation in the United States, with the exception, perhaps of some of our nuclear silos, which can withstand any sort of concerted attack. Just look at what this miserable murderer was apparently able to do with just two pistols. And against hardened Soldiers, no less. Just imagine what would have happened if 100 enemy paratroopers wearing ballistic vests and helmets and carrying automatic weapons and grenades had touched down. The whole installation would have been crippled and all the key facilities destroyed. Soldiers, just like all citizens, have a right to keep and bear arms. Weapons should be signed out to the Soldier and not kept in an arms room the way they are now. Oh, wait, I forgot. Times have changed. When an Army base gets attacked our boys are supposed to call 911. Silly me.

Anonymous said...

Agreed mike. Makes no sense to me that they were unarmed on their own damn base.

The only good news, and it's damn small good news, is that the latest reporting claims that the shooter survived. Hopefully this means that we can interrogate the bastard to see if there are more infiltrators like him.

Warthog said...

Dead on Mike, I'll link this over at the Wrants because you said it better than I can and with fewer obscenities.

Anonymous said...

Amen indeed.

I couldn't possibly agree more with EVERYTHING you said, though I might have used even stronger words to say it.

I'm damn tired - most of all - of all the dancing-round-the-truth about the so-called "religion of peace." The fact is that our government is afraid to speak even PART of the truth about this death-cult but doesn't hesitate to lie-lie-LIE about American Patriots.

Remember: We're all "domestic terrorists" - especially soldiers returning from deployment and anyone who dares quote our Founding Documents or the men who created them - but adherents to said death-cult are mostly peaceful folk whose religion is made to look bad by a few "extremists."

Don't evaluate that statement too closely - else you might notice that we've had **ONE** psycho-bomber and are ALL tarred with his brush, while they perpetrate daily mass-murder but aren't supposed to be "profiled."

In sum: War is peace. Freedom is slavery. We've ALWAYS been at war with EastAsia!

God help us - and God Save Our Republic!

Vote For David said...

As I was driving home from work, listening for the first time (no news @ work) to the reports of the shooting, I was thinking 'even odds the shooter has a muslim-sounding name' right when they announced his name.

Go figure.

My Darling Wife said "Of course you heard about the shootings." and I responded, "you mean the ones by Major Hasan". She said "oh" and rolled her head in a way that said what every news outlet in the WORLD is terrified to report.

I guess that makes us BOTH racists (as I roll my eyes)

Melissa "Darla" In Texas said...

I am simply sick over this. My son's best friend was stationed there and my cousin and his family just moved off base.
God help the families of the dead and wounded.
I just read that the muslim perpetrator is still alive.
May that miserable POS who did this, die a slow painful death.

Anonymous said...

My condolences to the families in mourning right now.

Item #7 is the crucial point, in my opinion. We trust these soldiers to use full-auto weapons in foreign lands, expecting they will know the "who, what, when, where, why, and how" of using that weapon. They come back to the states and are not allowed to carry a common semi-auto pistol on a military base where they continue to serve our country.

Any armed soldier could have stopped the suspect the moment he started firing. They have far more training and experience in dealing with armed hostiles like this one, yet they had to call police and wait while dozens of their fellow soldiers were killed or injured. The cop who later arrived and wounded the suspect, unfortunately, also died in the process.

This situation was totally preventable if only our elected leaders would honor their oath to support the Constitution. I blame them for creating the conditions in which this carnage was allowed to happen. If they want to go on television and say they are sorry, I'd suggest they prove it by doing what is necessary to prevent it from happening again. Honor the 2A!

CJ said...

with you Mike on "in no mood." i haven't been in any kind of decent mood ever since hitler jr started blathering about running for POTUS.

ParaPacem said...

Prayers go out for the families, friends and loved ones.
The gutless bastard who ran the show - according to what I hear - never served overseas or in combat.

I WAS surprised that Obongo did not take a moment to apologize to muzzies everywhere for the possibility that Americans might think badly of them for this.

A friend of mine who spent time in Afghanistan once told me that there were actually two cures that he knew of, for the loathsome disease of islam. One, he said, was measured by millirads, the other by megatons.
For all involved, my intolerant prayer is that God may swiftly send their black souls to the deepest pits of Hell.

Anonymous said...

Never realized that servicemen and women on base couldn't carry. Is that restricted to MPs only?

Anonymous said...

From Bill Mullins

My wife - as apolitical and non-threatening a person as I know - said they ought not to allow any Muslim to serve in either the Armed Forces or Law enforcement.

If memory serves, wasn't the last guy in the Armed Forces to go postal also a Muslim?

Religion of peace? ?????? Am I missing something?

tjbbpgobIII said...

Good post Mike, I was down in FT. Hood for a reunion a couple years back and I can tell you it is one magnificient base. I am sorry though for the losses suffered from this blatent terroist attack and will pray for the suvivors. Kudos for posting anyones address of anyone caught slamming this event.

monkeyfan said...

I suspect our would-be political elites sleep more soundly at night knowing that American soldiers -many of them being oath-keeping patriots- are disarmed on their own bases.

Uncle Lar said...

Anyone else pick up on the fact that this POS was a graduate of Virginia Tech. You know the location of that other mass murder a while back perpetrated by that disfunctional asian kid.
As the old saying goes, once is happenstance, twice may be coincidence, if there is a third you know it's enemy action.
And yes these gun free zones sure do seem to be working well, just not for our side.

Anonymous said...

Gas indeed Mike. Excellent post as usual.

Robert Fowler said...

Even back in the 70's when I was in, we were not allowed to have personal weapons with us. They were to be stored at the armory and checked out when you wanted to use them. Even though we were trained in their use.

USMCinSC said...

To the poster who didnt realize active duty military couldnt carry.
Its true. Makes me sick. 20 year GySgt, concealed weapon permit....can I carry...NO WAY. Always seemed to be the most idiotic regulation ever. Drive a tank on base? Check? Fire artillery OVER the base? Check. Have a 24 year old and a 21 year old on their own in a distant Afghan village training them in defense? Check. Carry a personal firearm on base? Nope.

Bill St. Clair said...

I'm an "anarchist shit", but I certainly won't say anything about anybody deserving anything, except a speedy trial and speedier public hanging for the perp(s).

And I agree that it's ludicrous for trained soldiers, about to put their lives on the line, to be disarmed on their own base. No more ludicrous than disarming the rest of us in schools and court rooms, but still ludicrous.

What I don't understand is how the guy managed to get off at least 32 shots without being tackled by one of his intended victims.

tom said...

I'm a civvy in the AO and hunting and the Sportsman's Range are open to the public provided you check in your firearms at the Provost and no more than 5 fireams per person. Free of charge. Bring your own targets. Ft. Hood unless that all changes today...

And they made targets of 65,000 people by not letting the people that live on base carry.

I blame Muslims and the Military on this one.

I'm with Para


And GOD BLESS Sgt. Kim Munley.
Nice shooting, Ma'am. To bad you didn't kill him but we can nurse him back to health at Leavenworth and kill him again.

Anonymous said...

For F***'s sake, idiot: VT graduates ~10,000 people a year including a good number of some of our best young Military Officers. The VT Corps of Cadets is equivalent to a service-academy education according to a couple of three-star-plus Generals and Admirals I've met in my travels.

My Boy was among them, and my daughter is currently there.

For you to even SUGGEST the school is to blame for either of these murderous shiat-bags is no less ludicrous than for every patriot to be tarred with (hack-spit) mcveigh.

For G*d's sake, man - GROW UP!

MamaLiberty said...

I'm one of those "anarchist shits" too, Mike - only I don't use that word. I much prefer "individual sovereign."

As a Marine brat, and Navy widow, I certainly appreciate our soldiers in a very special way, and mourn the death of any of them.

In the end, the relative religion or nationality of the shooter OR victims is not terribly important. The fact is that innocent people were killed and injured by a monster - and the US military establishment is an accessory before the fact by prohibiting those victims from having the means to defend themselves.

It is so ironic that soldiers (etc.) around the world are disarmed and helpless, while an old lady in Wyoming can (and DOES) sit in front of her computer armed with a .45.

Whatever else is going on... it just isn't right for anyone to be systematically made helpless that way.

Dutchman6 said...

No, Mama Liberty, you are not. There is a discrete subset of anarchists that gives the rest of you a bad name.

Anonymous said...

I blame the Army for keeping this monster time bomb against his will and giving him the opportunity to cause harm to our soldiers. There were plenty of signs that showed this man was hostile to the U.S.
The U.S. Armed Forces MUST come up with a policy toward Muslims. Only a pea brain would think it's OK to have Muslims fighting Muslims!
I am sick of this Political Correctness. It is destroying our country!

Anonymous said...

"Just had a caller here in Denver on a talk radio show ... it was Bush's evil foreign policy that made him do it was her main line."

Interestingly enough, I heard on Fox that the shooter was hopeful that Obama would begin withdrawing all troops from Iraq and Afghanistan upon his taking of office, and was terribly disappointed when that didn't happen.

Too bad someone didn't see the signs and offer this nitwit a way out of the military (although that may have only delayed his homicidal rampage, not prevented it).

j said...

Not to belabor the point to an extreme... but I find it darkly, depressingly fascinating that our military have 'leaders' who seem to have less intelligence about threats, than our Israeli friends, who DO understand threats. From the late 70s ( maybe before, I don't know) until this present day, if you stroll the streets of any city there, you will see IDF, local police, security, and regular everyday citizens, walking the street with a Galil or an M-16 or M-4, or packing an openly carried sidearm. They know who and what the enemy is, and take every precaution to reduce the risk to their people.

Why the Hell do our military leaders not understand that there IS an enemy who wants our men and women in service DEAD ???
If a 16 year old Israeli boy or girl sees the need, he or she can produce a sidearm at a moment's notice to defend themselves or a loved one. Why do our soldiers deserve less???
To me, one sad side note here is that the brass who make these rules, are never the ones who suffer the effects of their own stupidity; the grunts are the ones exposed to the danger and they pay the price. It sickens me!
May God be with the families.
And may He grant a functioning brain and a heart of courage to the higher-ups, to open their eyes and learn that our brave soldiers need to be able to defend themselves.

AlphaWolf said...

Greetings from Wyoming,
First , i send , my condolences to the families of the slain and injured. and say that i know that in this time it will not sate the grief that they feel, , just that they know that 1 citizen is thinking of them and holds them is his thoughts through their grief,
Now , when i was in the service , USAF, 1982-1992, it use to be that , the disposition of arms on base use to be in the hands of the base commander , it was his choice whether to allow those in base housing to store weaopons in , military housing, , in my 10 yrs , i lived both in barracks , and military housing , the only place i could not have a weapon , was in the barracks when i lived there , after i was married , and lived in onbase housing , i did have to make a list of my fire arms with serial numbers , and have them on record with the base armourer, when i lived off base , i did not have to , now maybe , things have changed , and its quite different than i remember , maybe , it was different because i , was a memebr of the base military police, i dont know, what i do know , is that if just 1 officer , even a clerical officer had had a weapon , this tradgety , might have been averted , but such is not the case , it would appear , that the powers that be , have been of the train of thought , our military cannot be trusted with arms on our own soil, sad commentary , i have read how present commanders have been taking hard lines on troops right to bear arms and requiring them , outside the us laws , since they fall under a different system of law , what the gun grabbers and banners see as right and proper.
My ferverent wish , is that this incident , opens the eyes of some of those powers that be at the base level that are in command, since , i still think , and if im wrong apologize , that the base commander is the ultimate authority of what is and is not allowed on their bases , and in this way , those that perished , will not have done so in vane, im now waiting to see if , the person responsable is turned over to federal jurisdiction , since under , the ucmj , he has very few if any real rights , if that is done , expect , the leftists to make him the victim , and him to get off with what will amount , to a slap on the wrist, justice under the federqal system is rare , justice under the military usually is right. just a humble opinion , of one in the wilderness.


Kristophr said...


He had two high capacity pistols and used a New York Reload: When the first one ran out, he drew the second pistol.

Everyone who charged him got a bullet.

The DoD cop who charged him last and put four rounds in his chest got shot once herself while doing so.

Uncle Lar said...

I will not apologize for taking a shot at Virginia Tech. I'm sure many fine boys and girls have graduated from that institution, but some of their administrators are scum. The ones that helped defeat a bill to allow concealed carry on campus then made the claim that students and parents could now feel safe again. That only months before Cho went on his rampage. Them I will always have a hard time granting forgiveness.
So, no, I do not apologize for pointing out an interesting coincidence. Probably means nothing, but I can almost guarantee it's gonna get checked out in detail. Now if the shooter had been a politician with ties to radical anarchists and preachers in his past that would be a different story.

Anonymous said...

"PS: And if one of you anarchist shits gives me any grief about how they deserved it for being "imperialist storm troopers," I'm going to track down your IP address and real name and post them. I'm in no mood for your ideological purity right now.

No mood at all."

Mike, I've never written to you before but let me say I am a big fan and will always be if for no other reason that sentiments such as this... I sometimes wonder if the Romans went through this "wussification" PC candy *** crap at the end. I almost died of laughter and tears (who knows how to react anymore?) when a FRENCHMAN (Sarkozy) called our president spineless.

Recently you mentioned 1000 heads, let me add 1000 miles of darkness...3E071 USAF.

Thanks for reminding us of why we love our country.

Anonymous said...

I only have one small quibble with you Mike.
On you point #7 I doing think that active duty solders should be allowed to be armed at all times. I think they should be REQUIRED to be armed at all times. A solder with his/her tools makes no more sense then any other skilled craftsman without their tools. And a solders job is much more important!.