Sunday, November 8, 2009

Just in time for the Intolerable Act! Subdued Nyberg Battle Flag Patches!

The latest from RWE:

The Nyberg "III" Flag Wooldand patch is now available from Raven's Wood Enterprises, LLC. $3 each post paid. The patches measure approximately 1.9 X 3 inches and are of the same quality that our coveted "Threeper" patches are.

If combining orders for "Threeper" patches and Nyberg flag patches, ensure you specify how many you want of each type. The "Threeper" patches are $4 each, post paid. Only Woodland "Threeper" patches are available.

USPS Money Orders, Cashier's & Certified Checks and cash (though any orders in cash are at the sender's sole risk) get immediate processing and shipment. Personal & business check orders are held 10 days until the check clears.

Send all orders to:

Raven's Wood Enterprises, LLC
PO Box 962
Birmingham, MI 48009

Please note that any orders received between 13 November and Thanksgiving won't be processed until December 1, 2009 in observance of Michigan's deer season and the holiday!




Carl Bussjaeger said...

Great! I've been waiting for these. The check's in the mail (well, the mailbox, anyway).

Anonymous said...

The ZIP code given on the Raven's Wood Web site is 48012. This is also the ZIP code given on the USPS Web site.
I hope they will also come out with a Desert version.

Matt S said...

I have never served in the military, and neither did my parents. Both grandfathers served the U.S. in WWII, one as a flight instructor and one as a radio operator in the Pacific.

Although I have never served, I am eternally grateful to those who have fought and died for my freedom. I live in a military town, not 100 ft from base. Most of my friends are in the military, and more than half of them are currently serving overseas.

I just wanted to let those who have not served know that the threepers are not only those with a military background. It is based in a pledge that no matter what your background or training, you will defend your rights, your freedom, your country, to the best of your ability.

The fight for freedom is not reserved only for those trained in the art of war, but for every man who holds his freedom as a sacred right from the Creator.