Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tea Party Express comes to Birmingham.

Well, here I am at the Tea Party Express rally in Birmingham yesterday. That is, you could see me if it weren't for the bald-headed guy in the grey jacket and the lady in the black tee-shirt (toward the right of the image). See that Threeper flag peeking out over her right shoulder? That's me, taking the load off my feet in a folding chair, with a perfectly great view of their butts.

I wasn't going to go, but my buddy Jerry called and provided the ride (my Blazer needs a starter and we're down to one car for a while).

Here's what the Birmingham News said about it:

Tea Party Express makes stop in Birmingham's Kelly Ingram Park

By Robert K. Gordon -- The Birmingham News

November 09, 2009, 3:35PM

An estimated 500 to 600 people converged on Kelly Ingram Park today to criticize President Obama, health care reform and government bailouts.

The Tea Party Express made its way to Birmingham, the 32nd stop on its cross country tour. The grassroots organization is in a get-out-the-vote mode a year ahead of the mid-term elections.

Speakers decried Obama's policies as socialism and criticized the president for ignoring troops in Afghanistan and for his "failure to act against the Muslim terrorist who slaughtered troops at Fort Hood."

The event was part revival and part carnival with songs to liven an already energetic crowd and items for sale such as T-shirts, books, CDs and caps.

"I'm here for freedom," said Pinson resident Tim Emala. "We need to get back to the Constitution. We seemed to have strayed away from it. The politicians need to read it."

Emala said issues such as health care, global warming and government bailouts are all about government control. "I don't see where the government can do better than the people," he said.

It was a great rally, plenty of energy, if a bit short on specifics -- Get out the vote, that sort of thing. One of the national speakers who came in on the bus -- a FOX News contributor, he said -- read the punitive provisions of Pelosi's Intolerable Act and swore that he would disobey it if it came to be law. We need more of that.

Met a bunch of Oath Keepers and handed out a bunch more Oath Keeper cards. I also chatted with the black counter-demonstrators who were upset that someone was dissing Obama in Kelly Ingram Park, scene of many of Bull Connor's police brutality outrages in the 60s. I tried to enagage them, talking about the Deacons for Defense. Didn't make a scratch, they'd never heard of them. They got pissed off when I asked them why they were getting a lesson in their own history from a fat, old white guy who they wanted to eject from their sacred ground.

Then something happened that I thought I'd never see. You know how middle-class folks are so respectful of the cops? Well, the rally ran over and the lady at the mike said we had been ordered by the cops to disperse or else. The crowd, which had been in a good humor, instantly turned universally ugly.

"Tell them to come and make us!" more than one shouted. "Tell 'em to go to hell!" shouted others. Boos and shouts of defiance came from every sector of the crowd. One guy in an NRA cap yelled, "Piss on them!" (Only to shushed by his wife because there were kids present. He looked angry and shamefaced at the same time.)

The rally ended shortly afterward and the cops did not intervene, but I had never seen such folks so immediately ready to confront cops. The pendulum is swinging back the other way, people. Try not to get hit when it swings by you.



jon said...

that's what i'm talking about. i repost this stuff elsewhere on the internet and commenters spew vitriol that only a fusion center in maryland could have come up with -- they don't seem to be paying attention to what it means for them. you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him store any for when the power goes out.

Anonymous said...

The question is: What will the cops do when it all goes south? Obviously, they are reluctant to go against their own people, but they were willing to ask the crowd to go home rather than tell their superiors to go *&^* themselves. Push Oath Keepers where possible. It may be our and their only chance.

suek said...

"and the cops did not intervene"

I think this is the point that Anon at 8:28 is making.

When push comes to shove...????

Anonymous said...

Went by the Oath Keepers forum the other day for the first time and in the Arizona State Group there were some updates on a OK motorcycle rally that apparently had prompted not only city police surveillance but also surveillance by the state Anti-Gang gang... There were reports that several businesses were threatened with the loss of their liquor licenses and other troubles if they served members of the rally... Let's see, many were vietnam vets which places them in the 50 to 60 year old range and city and state officials were using anti-gang laws to attempt to intimidate them and the community... The so called law enforcement community is completely out of whack if in fact this is what happened. They can't control the border, the illegal drug trade, illegal immigration, but they've got time and energy to try and intimidate law abiding citizens...

Cops used to be people you could ask for advice and trust - at least where I grew up. But it seems more and more are just hired thugs like those sorry sheriff goons in Miami in their black Nazi riot gear back in 2001 who got their jollies by shooting that defenseless red jacket gal in the ass and face with rubber bullets. This is the one where an after 'action' video showed their 'major' laughing and telling them what a great job they did. The mayor thought they did just fine as well, bunch of brain dead worthless bums.

This post is to recommend that instead of staying on the sidelines waiting for the axe to fall it might be a good thing if the Oath Keepers, III-pers, and like minded folk educate themselves regarding how to take their communities and country back by organizing to take control of their local government and then work their way up to the state and federal levels.

I highly recommend taking a look at web sites such as Committees of Safety (http://www.committeesofsafety.org/) and American Grand Jury (http://americangrandjury.org/) for ideas on what can be done and how to do it. Remember that a host of ills is due to our political parties being completely co-opted by our enemies so all your county commissioners, town mayors and council members, police chiefs, DAs, judges, etc. are all part and parcel of the same corrupt infrastructure. You have to either take control of the local demo-repub 'party' organs or establish new viable alternatives - which is really the only workable answer, and then clean house by arresting, trying, and locking these bastards up. Once you get the local police and sheriff departments back in line to protect and serve, state and feds can kiss everyones' back side.

I am a fanatic on Accountability, because this idiotic reliance on people's 'honor' to uphold a verbal oath is utter nonsense and is one of the base causes of the mess we are in today. Words don't mean a damn thing to a back-stabbing lying sociopath which is what just about all politicians, and a lot of average joes, are. But that's a discussion for another day.

btw Mike, where the hell is the latest chapter?