Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pelosi's Intolerable Act Passes the House.

More here later on the handgrenade she just baked in her little socialist cake.



Anonymous said...

5 years in prison,and $250,000 fine for willfully not buying their insurance.

Huh, If I don't buy it the government will feed me, house , and provide health care for me for 5 years?

Where will they house all of us?

For the first time in America, just by being born, you are required (forced) to buy something under penalty of imprisonment.

How can that square with the constitution?

Notice how similar the punishment is to owning an illegal machine gun...or bank robbery...just saying is all.

Why do I get that "Atlas Shrugged" feeling?

Anonymous said...

I sat up and watched last night. As usual, our Congress does their dirtiest work under the cover of darkness. (and conveniently self-exempt) They should change their motto to, "We Own The Night."

National Review Online said that nothing like this bill will pass the Senate. People continue to miss the point. Fewer pages doesn't equal less evil. Unconstitutional reduced by 50% is still unconstitutional.

Finally, Stupak won a key battle, but may have helped lose the war. Without this amendment, would 3 more have voted against the bill? That's all it would have taken last night.




God forgive us. God help us.


Old Pablo said...

Did you note how red Pelosi and her gang laughed it up later in front of the cameras?

Carl Bussjaeger said...

This is what I just sent to my "Representative" (and CC'd my senators, one of whom will likely vote for this corruption, and one possibly against):

Mr. Hodes,

I see your precious Pelosi's socialized medicine/tax hike/privacy violation "health care reform" bill passed in the House. That, despite the fact that poll after poll showed that the vast majority of Americans opposed it.

I have not used so much as a penny of public funds for my own health care since I was honorably discharged from the Air Force eighteen years ago. Only during approximately six and a half of those eighteen years did I have health insurance. Yet somehow I was able to take care of myself, or pay out of my own pocket for care (usually eyeglasses).

But that isn't good enough for a control freak like you. You passed a bill that will have me arrested, fined, and thrown in prison for the crime of daring to look after myself without your dubious (and unconstitutional) "help". Your vote criminalizes self-reliance; that is just about as un-American as it is possible to be.

Besides criminalizing self-responsibility, your vote also imposes new taxes, an expanded bureaucracy, adds a minimum of $1 trillion to the national debt, establishes a citizen tracking system through a new "electronic medical records" system (which through HIPAA will be open to law enforcement), and generally destroys any real concept of privacy.

You're disgusting.

Since you like taxes, treating humans like cattle, and Pelosi, I suggest that you move from New Hampshire, where some of us still take "Live free, or die" seriously, to California. I think you will be much happier in a state that wants to feed at the taxpayer's jugular. And we will be much happier in New Hampshire, too.

I will Courtesy Copy Senators Shaheen and Gregg on this letter in hopes that they can learn from your mistake.


Carl Bussjaeger

S.Thompson said...

Methinks Absolved better get finished and overnighted to the Senate...A.S.A.P!!!

Sean said...

Maybe we could build a fire, sing a couple of songs.........

Anonymous said...

How is something optional when it comes with fines and a prison term if you decide not to pay for the 'option'?


Anonymous said...

I saw the photographs of Pelosi and her fellow Congressmen and Congresswomen embracing and celebrating after this terrific "victory". The sad thing is that she and her accomplices have no idea what they've done. None, whatsoever. They may think that they have a clue but they don't. There comes a time when so many regulations are in effect that the entire body of law loses its lustre in the eyes of the people. The members of Congress who voted for this abomination have made a terrible, terrible mistake. While they don't understand this yet they will eventually. Let them try to send people to federal prison for not buying health insurance forced on them at the point of a taxpayer funded gun. The true nature of reality will become immediately apparent.

Anonymous said...

Reid's already promised to use reconciliation to prevent filibuster in the Senate.

They WILL do this - they have no choice. They MUST do this in order to bail out their union-thug partners whose pension-plans are bankrupt.

Wait and see: Every single pol who loses his seat in the next election will land some sweetheart deal that covers him for life -- most likely a "no-show" union gig...

Sic Semper Tyrannis....

Mayberry said...

Hmmm. We already have the Stamp Act's modern equivalent, and then some. Congress, thy name is King George...

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 9:32AM sez I saw the photographs of Pelosi and her fellow Congressmen and Congresswomen embracing and celebrating after this terrific "victory".

I watched the final vote and listened in beffuddled awe as the Demonrats cheered when the Yea count reached 218. What immediately came to mind was the scene in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith where the Emperor announces that the Republic will be reorganized into a galactic empire. Padame then says, "So this is how liberty dies... with thunderous applause."

Folks, we are not witnessing the last gasps of our dying republic. We are seeing signs of rigamortis.

Anonymous said...

By the time this whole thing takes effect, we'll all be multimillionaires and $250,000 will only be a couple hours wages.

Maybe I could come out ahead by bartering my payment in commodities such as gold, silver, copper, brass, or lead.


TJP said...

Anon @ 5:16:

"5 years in prison,and $250,000 fine for willfully not buying their insurance."

This is a political weapon that is the equivalent of a nuke. A title and section would be greatly appreciated.

I can't find these penalties listed anywhere in HR 3962, which is the bill passed during the extremely rare Saturday vote.

Here are the rolls:

If you feel like reading a 1,990 page instruction book on how to bankrupt a nation, here you go:

chris horton said...

This will be the ONLY "victory" that this will see.

They will have too many "non-conpliant" people to track down to enforce this final straw.

Collapse of what we know will happen first. Hope everyone is ready....


Unknown said...

Americans In Name Only (AINO's) passed this unconstitutional, illegitimate, un-American, socialist bill.

s said...

It would be appropriate if the new healtcare plan covered high impact lead poisonings.

Anonymous said...

Well maybe this is it. If it is LETS DO IT!!!!

Anonymous said...

For some odd reason the poetic lyrics from Barre McGuire's song "Eve of Destruction" ring in my ears.

"If the button is pushed theres no running away"

Those who have their fingers on those voting buttons had better be thinking long and hard before they take action.

Robert Fowler said...

Tall lamp posts + short rope + politicians = some assembly required.

America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards