Sunday, November 8, 2009


Sipsey Street reader Daniel J. Almond has created a new term in reaction to "Pelosi's Intolerable Act Passes the House.":

Americans In Name Only (AINO's) passed this unconstitutional, illegitimate, un-American, socialist bill.

I like it.



PioneerPreppy said...

I seriously doubt this abomination will get passed the Senate but it does show once and for all what I have been saying for months.

These Progressives don't care what American's want or think.

Oh well now the long wait till November 2010 before enough people figure out the Progressives already have a plan for fixing those elections.

Then the real trials will begin.

Anonymous said...

It isn't socialist, it's communist. They follow bommie.

Anonymous said...

And as a further descriptive, make it "anal AINOs".

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

so true.

straightarrow said...

I do believe Pelosi and company have attacked Ft. Sumter, themselves.

Jeffrey Quick said...

Aino. So dot's a Finnish name, eh? And when we got too many AINOs, den America be finish.

Anonymous said...

Another name for AINOS is:

HAN JIAN (Traitor)

Han Jian was used to describe any Chinese traitor who actively assisted the Japanese occupational troops during the War.

Gun Monkey said...

In a happy coincidence "AINO" is also the word anus is spanish.