Monday, November 2, 2009

Pitcavage on Oath Keepers and Threepers: ADL's Attack Blimp Strikes Again

"Anti-government" is as anti-government does.

Mark Pitcavage, resident gasbag at ADL.

I first introduced Mark Pitcavage, ADL's attack blimp, in this post back in March. Back in the 90s, I crossed electronic swords often with this puke, who used to get paid by the FBI for all the names of militia folk he could glean by trolling the Internet. Back then, this was his logo:

Now the attack blimp has delivered another pre-emptive prevarication strike on Threepers and Oath Keepers here.


Oath Keepers and Three Percenters Part of Growing Anti-Government Movement

The Oath Keepers and Three Percenters, both part of an anti-government extremist movement that has grown since President Obama took office, promote the idea that the federal government is plotting to take away the rights of American citizens and must be resisted. The two groups are apparently trying to make inroads in the U.S. military.

From October 24-25, 2009, the Oath Keepers held their first national conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. About one hundred people reportedly attended the event. At the conference, a member of the group's board claimed that they had 2,000 dues-paying members but it's likely that the group is much smaller.

Formed in March 2009 and led by Stewart Rhodes, a Nevada lawyer, the Oath Keepers encourage members of the military and law enforcement to pledge not to follow certain hypothetical "orders" from the federal government. These "orders," including one "to put American citizens in detention camps," and another "to disarm the American people," echo longstanding conspiracy theories embraced by anti-government extremists, who claim that the U.S. government is creating a police state. The Oath Keepers try to appeal to military and law enforcement personnel by reminding them that they swore an oath to defend the Constitution "from all enemies, foreign and domestic," and suggesting that now is the time to live up to that oath by resisting an allegedly tyrannical government.

The Three Percenters, formed in late 2008, are a loosely organized movement centered around an obscure, and not particularly accurate, Revolutionary War "statistic" that claimed that only 3% of the American population during the Revolutionary War participated as combatants in the war. The group asserts that they are a modern counterpart to that mythical 3% of American Revolutionary-era patriots and also represent the three percent of the population of American gun owners "who will not disarm."

Recently, the Oath Keepers posted a picture to their Web site of what they claim is an active duty soldier in Iraq wearing the group's patch on his arm. In addition to the Oath Keepers' patch, the soldier is wearing patches for the Three Percenters; one patch that reads "three percent" and another with a version of the American flag with the Roman numeral III. At least one supporter has labeled this symbol the group's "battle flag."

Although Rhodes has written that the Oath Keepers patch was not made by the group and was not worn at their urging, he claims the patch as evidence of the spread of the group's message within the active duty military. Oath Keepers plan to put together care packages that include an official Oath Keepers patch and DVD to distribute to "tens of thousands" of active duty troops between November 11 (Veterans Day) and December 15, 2009 (Bill of Rights Day).

It is clear that these anti-government extremist groups are trying both to exploit and to fan the anti-government sentiment that has grown over President Obama's first year in office, as well as to support each other's efforts. Rhodes has written supportively of the Three Percenters, while at least two participants carried the Three Percenter flag at an Oath Keepers event at the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, D.C., on September 12, 2009. That event was staged on the same day that an anti-government Tea Party rally in the city attracted tens of thousands of people, the largest to date of the protests held against the government and Obama since he took office.

Now as far as I'm concerned, "anti-government" is as anti-government does. Explain to me how Oath Keepers, an organization dedicated to preserving the Constitution is anti-government? Anti-tyrannical-government, maybe. Anti-collectivist, surely. It is Pitcavage and his ilk who are traitors to the Founders Republic.

Now here is ADL's official bio on Pitcavage and here is the Wikipedia reference on him.

When you go to the ADL bio, be sure and note how many state and local law enforcement officers have been "trained" by this statist puke. SPLC does the same thing. Wonder where these goofy fusion center reports come from?

You will also notice from the Wikipedia entry that this police state puke is an avid military board gamer. He is no doubt a legend in his own mind.

Here he is in a recent Facebook photo:

We haven't seen Sparky the Anti-militia Watchdog lately. Rumor is Pitcavage sat on him a few years back and crushed the poor beast -- and the dead mutt is stuck to Pitcavage's ass and he still hasn't noticed.

"Sure, and isn't it the truth that we don't have to wonder what HE had fer breakfast?"


DC Wright said...

Sure and Michael, me lad, could you be posting a link to my blog so I can get on their enemies list, just like you? I wanna be an enemy of the statists when I grow up!

I love what you're doing here my friend. Keep up the good work. (I just posted my "Cease and Desist" order there, so if you liked it, here's my link:


D.C. Wright
USMC Retired

DC Wright said...

Oh, and I notice that the attack blimp's site has no provision for leaving comments on their lies, as you or I do for our truths and honest opinions... hmmmm. More to the point, why would a group like the ADL want to support a government that has shown such disdain for Israel and, by extension, the Jewish People as a whole? Certainly our Nation owes a large debt of gratitude to those folks for their (largely unsung but MAJOR) contributions to our Founding AND to the Judeo part of the Judeo-Christian set of morals and ethics which were woven into the very fabric of these United States. Perhaps he fails to appreciate that we were THE safe haven for the displaced and tormented Jews who managed to escape the pogroms of Europe over the centuries. These United States, though there were and are small pockets of true antisemitism here and there, have NEVER indulged in the organized pogroms and ghettos that characterized much of Europe, the middle east and Russia for ages and ages. And, I suspect, never will, despite the best efforts of our current Pres__ent (just like Obambi, there's no ID here) who seems to want to get Israel to hand over much of its terrain and THEN have "Peace (Piece???) talks" with those whose desired map of the mid east has NO ISRAEL on it.

(By the way, I also suspect that you and I have a whole lot more respect and support for the Jewish people and for Israel in our little fingers than Blob Butt has in his entire, humongous BODY!)


D.C. Wright

Bradley said...

Since our form of government, in the USA, is for a very limited form/scope/power, the congress only has 9 powers, and it was written by people that were terrified of the Government takeover of their daily lives, i think it would be fair to say that in a way our government is anti-government.

Anonymous said...

I used to scoff at people who said that 5.56 wasn't enough gun. Used to.


Anonymous said...

I remember the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) as being a Jewish organization against (duh!) defamation or slander or anti-Semitism. Am I wrong? Am I mis-remembering?

Is Pit-Savage Jewish? Have the Oath Keepers or III-pers slandered Pit-Savage and/or the ADL and/or Judism?

In other words, who the f**k is this fool, and what did we do to rattle his SPLC chains? Because as I read this idiocy, it read as if it was lifted straight out of the SPLC's phony "data".

If / when any shooting starts, he'd better hide deep, because he's SOOOO easy a target, even my young g'son could hit him. What a blimp.

B Woodman

Jeffrey Quick said...

"Sure, and isn't it the truth that we don't have to wonder what HE had fer breakfast?"

Everything and anything.

"Hmm, the almond Danish taste particularly almondy today..."

TJP said...

They're getting uppity because they think the fe'ral gov't has their back. It's probably because of this unconstitutional legislation:

III more than them said...

"Now as far as I'm concerned, "anti-government" is as anti-government does. Explain to me how Oath Keepers, an organization dedicated to preserving the Constitution is anti-government? Anti-tyrannical-government, maybe. Anti-collectivist, surely. It is Pitcavage and his ilk who are traitors to the Founders Republic."

The concept of WHO gets to determine what is Constitutional, correct, or legal is one that almost always leads to some court, politician (law maker-breaker) or leftist weenie standing up and demanding that their "interpretation" is the only correct one. They insist that ay other viewpoint, however correctly derived, is not only wrong, but dangerous.

We are not allowed to consider what is constitutional. We are not allowed to speak on such matters where contrary opinion is already published. We aren't smart enough.

Well, that document was not written so that only lawyers could read and deduce its meaning. It was written for "the people". "We", specifically. Being as it was written to protect US, it necessarily follows that we should be its intended reading audience.

I can read just fine. I can speak almost as well. I sure as Heaven glows white, and Hell glows red, can teach others what I know without some government employee telling me otherwise.

For now.....

What are the rest of you doing? What are you prepared to do when you are told to shut the hell up?

typeay said...

As I stare in open mouth amazement at the Pitcavage's morbidly obese visage, the classic scene of private Pyle's failed pull up bar attempt with D.I. Lee Ermey screaming at him from the 1987 film "Full Metal Jacket" keep coming to mind.

Fat, balding caver said...

"Sure, and isn't it the truth that we don't have to wonder what HE had fer breakfast?"


The WHOLE feckin menu

Now for the "Wafer thin mint" Mr Cresote?

Anonymous said...

Sweet baby Jeebus.

Ad-hominem attacks are the refuge of the intellectually bankrupt, and there's just no joy to be found in engaging such an obvious target as this ma... er... PERSON's physical appearance.

I mean this quite sincerely: How does one reach such a point without literal blindness?

Obesity runs in my family. I've been crippled myself for too many years, but I can still see, and I still own a mirror. I simply REFUSE to abandon my self-respect, my self-esteem, my... Self.

Sadly, such a ma... er... PERSON simply must be utterly lacking in all of the above, but mostly self-control.

Hating himself, being a slave to his appetites, and rationalizing his pathetic existence as victimhood, leads such folk to abandon all pretense at individuality and embrace the collective which will reinforce his defense mechanisms.

Further, being an obvious utter failure at everything else, he needs the positive feedback he gets from said collective when he makes the right noises or parrots the right phrases on the inter-tubes.

I pity this man.

OTOH, he can probably survive for months on his stored reserves.

I can't bring myself to pity him...

Toastrider said...


I like my games too (I'm a huge game geek), but I don't suffer from the delusion that they make me some kind of quasi-military expert.

Interesting. That pic of him at the game table looks like it was taken at a convention. Wonder which one. For that matter, the hell is he playing? Most of the Avalon Hill games and whatnot have pretty big boards.

Wendy Weinbaum said...

As a Jewess in the US, I want to remind everyone that America wasn't won with a registered gun! And that criminals on EITHER side of the law are stopped by FIREARMS, not by sweet words! That is why all REAL Americans put our 2nd Amendment FIRST!!
-Wendy Weinbaum

Anonymous said...

From the Wikipedia article you mentioned:

"Discredited academic work

Pitcavage's work was cited by Michael A. Bellesiles as "invaluable to the development" of his controversial and largely discredited book Arming America: The Origins of a National Gun Culture.[8] Bellesiles was investigated by Emory University for research misconduct. After the committee found him "guilty of unprofessional and misleading work," he resigned his professorship in October 2002, and the Bancroft Prize of Columbia University, earlier awarded to the book, was rescinded.[18]"

Hmmm-hmmmm. Quite the scholar, this Pitcavage fellow.

Anonymous said...

I am a gun owner and an ardent supporter of the Second Amendment living in the people's republic of New Jersey. I also happen to be Jewish. I hope you are all aware that the ADL, American Jewish Committee, National Council of Jewish Women, and other national and nominally Jewish organizations do not speak for all of us. Unfortunately, Jewish communal organizations have been hijacked by the agenda of the left, in many cases the radical left. However, there are many, many Jews, even in the Northeast, who "get it." Who understand and appreciate that our Founding Fathers created a Constitution and system of goverment that, for the first time in human history, truly recognized and protected the fundamental, natural, G-d given rights that every human being is imbued with and that no man can take away. We understand that the Seoond Amendment is at least equally important as the other protections built into our constitution (particularly for Jews!), if not more so, and that the right to self-defense is both a fundamental right and a JEWISH VALUE.

Please be aware that there are many of us, particularly in the religiously observant Jewish communtiy who understand what Jewish values are really about, working to combat the disinformation, faulty thinking, and leftist garbage being spouted by Jewish organizations, supposedly in our names. We love our country, which has done more for the Jewish people than any other in history, and I believe that our voices will increasingly be heard.

hd78chopper said...

offtrack,but while i respect your 5.56,i much prefer my 7.62x54r& my 762.39 lol

AJ said...

We only met face to face once, at a Militia Expo in Columbus, Ohio.

I, of course, parked my car, with those foreign license plates, way in the back of the parking lot.

If the pictures are accurate, he sure has put on weight.

I'm still on the watchdog mailing list with over 2000 unread messages.

Anonymous said...

they say they are going to ignore whatever laws or presidential orders they feel like ignoring. not only is that anti-government, it's traitorous.