Saturday, January 7, 2012

Three articles on Romney, the GOP elites and how they will destroy the sadly misnamed "Republican" Party.

The suicidal campaign by clueless elites to delegitimize the two-party regime proceeds apace.
A House Divided: The divider of the Republican party is its front-runner, Mitt Romney.
Obama vs. None of the Above.
Ron Paul's Army Won't Be Easily Broken.
If Romney is the nominee, not only will he lose, but the GOP will lose the Tea Partiers and the Paul supporters to some new party, or combination of parties. It will be the last straw for people who have been consistently marginalized and sold out by the GOP elites. It also will make civil war much more likely.


Anonymous said...

It seems to me that even those Republicans that publicly profess to be conservative are really only paying lip service. I sent this email to Joe Wilson, my congress critter, last night titled "Recess Appointments and other overstepping of Presidential power":

I've heard that Republicans in Congress believe that this is a real issue. I'm not qualified to judge, but if it is an overstepping of the President's constitutional authority then you are required by your oath of office to see it remedied. If it is just political posturing, then we need to know.

Assuming that this is a real issue- being angry isn't enough, complaining isn't enough. You, as our elected representative, MUST take concrete and forceful action. How is it possible that the
Republicans can only offer words when the Constitution is at stake? Is the status of your office so important that, by your lack of effective action, you would knowingly aid in the destruction of the foundation of our republic?

If you don't do everything within your power to fight to right this wrong then I will not be able to vote for you in the upcoming election. I don't say this lightly as I believed until this issue arose that Republican majorities in the House and Senate were key
elements if we want to hold onto our freedoms. Now, as it appears that all the Republicans in Congress intend to do is complain just enough to fool enough conservative voters that they're "on our side" so that
they can be re-elected, I think that I have reached the only conclusion possible.

Please send me either an email or written response.

Thank you for your service,

Anonymous said...

And you can bet that running Obama again will have the same effect on any many (soon to be former) members of the democratic party. I know they don't think they have a choice, but a LOT of people are now past "hold your nose and vote for the lesser of the two weevils".

I'm really looking forward to at least 2 more viably large parties.

WarriorClass said...

The Republican leadership is looking to screw us once again. If they are successful, the only third party alternative is the War Party. They have declared war on us.

Col Bat Guano said...

Romney bugs me. I don't think the man believes half of what comes out of that hole under his nose. I think it's time to concentrate on throwing out all the bums in Congress. President or President Obama? I really don't think it'll make a hell of a lot of difference. A right minded Congress could neuter both of them by cutting off funding for their pet crony bureaucracies.

Anonymous said...

"Thinking themselves wise they became fools"What a tragedy,..I find it ironic that my Great Grandparents immigrated to this country to escape the very class of thieves and rouges now running it.These arrogant Bastards have got to learn everything the hard way.This time the Ron Paul Revolution is real and will not die on the vine.The Karl Rove type Republicrat backbiters and the presstitute media had best seek shelter now from the tsunami of public rage that will be coming their way.

Anonymous said...

It just baffles me why our government wants to destroy the hard working class, we are the ones fighting their wars sacrificing our children for their cause, loosing our homes,our jobs...but they cant take our minds our souls our freedoms, they can try, but when we are all gone from this shallow society whats going to be left?Hollywood? more GOP elites? DEMS elites? what a sad place this country will be.when my greatgrandfather came thru ellis island he was asked " why do want to live here?" his response was, "I want to be an american"all 5 of his sons served in the military WW1 and WW2. he instilled in his children how great this country is and that freedom has a price, our lives!I wonder how many illegals or so called immigrants would answer the call for freedom?

Anonymous said...

If you think of this as a Marxist with no power would, who wants to take over the world (or just one country, without getting killed) and imagine what you would need to do, to accomplish that goal, it all begins to make sense....

Perfect sense.

Like that rake you stepped on that then smacked you in the face, kinda sense.

Cause and effect.

Cropduster said...

Our present illegal community disorganizer, or Mitt Romney?
Doesn't really matter! They're both just mouthpieces for the same elitists pulling the strings. Either one will lead to the same end. One's just a bigger ass-wipe than the other.

Dedicated_Dad said...

I am now of the opinion that anyone who believes the ballot matters one whit is delusional.

I wrote up why today -

rodsmith said...

the only problem 6:24 is that your congress critter is just as GUILDTY

since him/her and the others seems to think a session that is 30sec to 120sec every 3 days could POSSIBLY BE LEGAL!

J. Croft said...

The Republican and Democratic party elites were always each other's false opposition. With the deliberate destruction of the Republican Party the Democratic Party will likely be dominant and will push its full totalitarian agenda against America, while the Repub elites get rich off the military contracts. Yes civil war is around the corner.

Anonymous said...

There are still way too many 'hold your nose' voters that will accept Romney. I'll be voting for Paul again, whether he is a party candidate or I have to write him in, once again.

The big money has thrown in with Romney, he's been 'appointed'.

People want the normalcy bias - it gives them false security in uncertain times. Until it hits home directly most R's are content to let the corrupt dead elephant leadership do their thing 'for the good of the party'.

III - we are everywhere